Renault Megane Now PHEV Only In the UK Moving Forwards

If you wish to buy the Renault Megane in future, know that you’re buying into an electric vehicle as the automaker is ditching its combustion engine completely.

It’s true. The French automaker is shifting gears a lot sooner than you might expect. Renault has opted to make its Megane a PHEV-only-type moving forwards, we know this because a recent press release said the following:

“At the same time, and in line with its electrification strategy for the Megane, Renault will remove petrol and diesel versions of the Hatch and Sports Tourer.”

The press release itself detailed a new Megane Hatch Plug-In Hybrid model added to Renault’s current UK lineup.

We know that this new hatch sports a 1.6-litre four-cylinder gasoline engine, assisted by a 49 kW electric motor. The motor sources energy from a 9.8 kWh (400V) lithium-ion battery. According to reports, this new Megane comes with 31 miles of electric range and can travel from 0-62 mph in 9.4 seconds.

Top speed of the Megane Hatch isn’t too shabby either (114 mph).

Furthermore, both trim levels come decked out as standard, fit with an electronic parking brake, power windows, cruise control with speed limiter, 10-inch TFT driver’s display, Eco Mode, EV mode button, Multi-Sense with three driving modes and eight ambient lighting colours, and a hands-free key card.

© Credit to Renault

For now, it’s only the UK that is affected by this electric change, but we can imagine Renault are looking at other countries to implement similar PHEV rules.

You can currently order the electric hatchback from August, with deliveries expected to roll out in September. Not that long to wait if you’re looking to get your hands on Renault’s latest offering.

No one was expecting a car brand like Renault to make such changes so soon. It’s been done in such a nonchalant way too, which might annoy the buyers still on the PHEV fence. But what’s your take?

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