Renault Is Accelerating Its EV Strategy

Renault has tripled-down on EVs with a multiple step strategy that looks to make bold choices and “offer competitive, sustainable and popular electric vehicles.”

  • Renault is partnering with Envision AESC to develop a gigafactory in Douai.
  • Renault has become a shareholder of French startup Verkor with a 20% stake in the company to co-develop high-performance batteries.
  • The automaker is the first OEM to develop its own e-motor.
  • The plan is to launch 10 new battery-electric vehicles by 2025.

Where to even begin…

Renault is accelerating its EV strategy tenfold, looking to put ten years worth of experience to the test as we head into an electric playing field.

The French automaker is leaving no area unturned, as its plans cover everything from batteries to powertrains — not to mention gigafactories.


Let’s start there. As part of this EV strategy, Renault is partnering with Envision AESC to develop a gigafactory in Douai with a capacity of 9 GWh. They’d look to do this in 2024, with plans to hit 24 GWh by 2030.

Envision AESC is also working with Nissan to establish a gigafactory in Sunderland. This was announced, officially, earlier today.

Renault has also signed a “Memorandum of Understanding” to become a shareholder of French startup Verkor with a 20% stake.

The two will co-develop a high-performance battery suitable for the C and higher segments of the Renault range — this includes Alpine models.

Verkor is looking to build its own gigafactory in 2026 that would coincide with Renault’s plans.

“Today is a historic acceleration of Renault Group’s EV strategy and for ‘made in Europe’. By building Renault ElectriCity, our compact, efficient, high-tech electric ecosystem in Northern France, together with our e-powertrain MegaFactory in Normandy, we are creating the conditions of our competitiveness at home… On top of efficiency, we are betting on iconic designs such as the beloved R5 to bring the Renault touch to electrification: making electric cars popular.”
— Luca de Meo, CEO of Renault Group

Renault’s goal is to drive its costs down step by step by 60% at pack level as it prepares for the arrival of All Solid Battery technology within the Alliance in 2030.


Renault claims to be ahead of the competition by being the first OEM to develop its own e-motor — one that uses no rare-earth (no-permanent magnets).

Moreover, Renault Group has signed a partnership with another French startup in Whylot to craft an innovative axial flux e-motor. Work here will reduce costs by 5% while saving up to 2.5g CO2 on WLTP.

The automaker has also announced its One Box Project. This project involves creating an in-house 800v complaint box that combines internal parts to reduce the cost.

This One Box Project will apply to all platforms/powertrains across all EVs (including BEVs, HEVs, and PHEVs).

Furthermore, Renault is working on a compact e-powertrain that it’s calling an “all-in-one system.”


The French automaker is making sure its batteries last and are used to generate additional value at each step of its lifecycle.

Renault is developing solutions for vehicle-to-grid (V2G) power. In other words, energy is pushed back to the power grid from an electric car’s battery.

A car connected to the grid for 8 hours per day could generate up to 400 euros per year through V2G.

New strategies that involve refurbishing old batteries at competitive prices has also been mentioned alongside end-of-life plans to ensure batteries are disposed of efficiently.

Future Models

And finally, Renault has teased us with news on upcoming EVs. The plan is to launch ten new battery-electric vehicles by 2024, with seven of them representing the Renault brand.

It gets better.

Renault will revive another magic, iconic star currently named ‘4ever’, which is to be a retro-themed EV.

Moreover, Renault will also muscle up on an all-electric C-segment starting with the new Megane next year.

That’s a lot to take in, but Renault are clearly swinging for the fences with this news. This info is a statement, one that will no doubt rally other automakers in toe. What’s your take?

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