Peugeot Has Doubled Sales Of Electric/Hybrid Cars In 2021

The French automaker has found great success after launching its latest generation EVs last year with the e-208, followed by plug-in hybrid versions of the 3008, 508 and 508 SW.

Peugeot logo on grill

Peugeot has come out of the gate roaring with its EV offerings

It’s good news for Peugeot UK. The automaker has successfully doubled its low emission vehicle (LEV) sales compared to last year, according to the latest registration figures released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).

Furthermore, Peugeots passenger car LEV sales mix has also jumped, going from 10.3% YTD in 2020 to 16.3% in 2021 — this is a 6% increase year on year.

In terms of actual numbers, Peugeot has increased LEV car sales by 112% compared to YTD 2020, selling around 6,000 all-electric/plug-in hybrids in the first seven months of this year.

A leap like this was to be expected given the whole global pandemic and all, but it’s an impressive feat nonetheless.

“Our strong LEV sales volume and sales mix are extremely encouraging – it’s great to see the appeal that our full electric and plug-in hybrid range has with our customers. We are committed to offering an electrified variant for each vehicle in our broad range by 2025, so customers have the power of choice and never have to compromise!.”
— Julie David, Managing Director of Peugeot UK

It’s a sign of the times all-round, given the UK’s current EV goals, coupled with a shift in general perception. Sales are strong across the board for automakers everywhere.

In Asia, NIO and X Peng are recording incredible deliveries. The same goes for Tesla, who has also recorded a ridiculous number of pre-orders for its Cybertruck and Powerwall.

Peugeot has a great opportunity to build on this success with the release of the new 308 and 308 SW. These EVs will arrive towards the end of this year and early 2022, respectively. Both are premium vehicles that showcase class-leading technology and luxury when it comes to the interior.

Can Peugeot continue this hot streak leading into next year? We want your take. Give us your thoughts via social media.

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