OKAI Reveals Full-Suspension Electric Bike At CES 2022

Personal electric transport brand, OKAI, has unveiled a new full-suspension carbon electric bike, complete with torque sensor and touchscreen — features to shout about.

EB20 electric bike from OKAI
Revealed at CES 2022 in Las Vegas, the EB20 has all the makings of a powerful two-wheeler © Credit to OKAI

The annual CES event is well underway, and with it comes a swathe of new and exciting products, including those that fill the personal electric transport category.

Enter OKAI, the electric scooter/bike brand known throughout the current market as one of the very best.

They recently launched a new high performance scooter in the OKAI ES800, but didn’t stop there. They’ve just revealed another street-sweeper, this time of the e-bike variety.

Introducing the OKAI EB20, a carbon-fibre electric bike optimised for performance.

The brand shared images of the premium bike at CES 2022, and not only does it look sleek, but its features are even sleeker somehow.

“At CES this year we are delighted to demo landmark next generation products tailored specifically for today’s modern mobile professionals. These products offer a unique experience that marries security and safety, with professional grade components, and innovation where it really matters.”
— Jiangto Lu, Founder of OKAI talking with Electrek

Motor-wise, the mid-drive motor is said to be a 750W unit with a peak output of 950W. Some of the more tech-savvy riders will notice that the EB20 is outfitted with a Bafang Ultra Motor, one of the most powerful motors there is, period.

Whats more, the motor comes with a torque sensor, this works by measuring how much effort is going into pedalling and then matching that level of effort accordingly — something that the cheaper pedal-assisted bikes don’t do.

The EB20 has 700 Wh of capacity, powered by a 48V battery using Samsung cells, which in turn should lead to around 43 miles total, if we’re talking range.

We should point out that the battery can be removed (thank you bike gods), allowing you to charge it at will rather than lumping it close to a socket.

Brake-wise, the EB20 has Tektro hydraulic disc brakes for responsive braking and control, that is coupled with a Shimano XT deraileur.

In terms of features, the EB20 comes equipped with a shiny 2.5 watt headlight and a 2.8″ touchscreen incorporated within the headstock.

All in all, it looks like quite the e bike, one fit with all the modern bells and whistles needed to stand out in the current marketplace. A big thumbs up from us here at E4TP for this one.

We don’t know pricing or when it’s out, but we know it’s going to disrupt in the best ways possible. Leave us a comment below, tell us what you think of the EB20 and how much you think it will cost knowing its features.

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