Off Road EV Driving Scheme Comes To Tiny Island Ulva

The isle of Ulva has implemented a new off road EV driving scheme to rid the area of pollution and engine noise.

  • The scheme will encourage less people to bring their own vehicles to the island.
  • Vehicles available include an electric quad bike and ‘utility task vehicle.’
  • The Scottish Government helped fund this scheme.
  • The isle of Ulva is a community-owned island off the coast of Mull in Scotland. It has a population of 11 people — and is home to a new initiative looking to tackle engine noise/pollution.

    Residents will need to sign up to a membership scheme to take advantage of this. Moreover, they’ll need to book certain vehicles ahead of time. Vehicles that include an electric quad bike and electric ‘utility task vehicle.’

    Transporting groceries/heavy objects around an island has never felt so green.

    The EVs themselves only arrived on the island recently, supplied by Off-Road Electric — a specialist in sustainable quad bikes and other ‘fit for purpose’ vehicles.

    Keeping the island as tranquil as possible

    Currently, Land Rovers and other diesel-powered vehicles travel these roads — dirt roads, to be specific. There’s not one tarred road on the island, making it the perfect location for off-road EVs.

    The island itself was bought in 2018 for £4.4 million and is currently looking to bring in more inhabitants.

    The North West Mull Community Woodland Company, aka the buyers, hope to increase the population tenfold in the next few years. Furthermore, they’re looking at maintaining a peaceful environment.

    After all, Ulva is home to animals like otters, eagles and rare butterflies.

    “The issue is how we can repopulate the island but also maintain the integrity of the environment we’ve inherited, which is relatively untouched.”
    — Wendy Reid, Ulva development officer

    The main goal of the scheme is to encourage new inhabitants to leave their vehicles behind before making the trip. Not to mention, look at things through a much greener lens.

    Funding for said scheme comes via the Scottish Government, which’s looking to pave the way for other areas to follow suit.

    If something like this is possible on Ulva, perhaps it could be replicated elsewhere? “Scotland is well positioned to lead the way in the UK for low carbon travel, and Ulva is showing that even in challenging circumstances it is feasible,” says Laura Robinson, Operations Manager of Electric Vehicle Association Scotland.

    Nowhere is safe from the power of EV, even small islands off the coast of Mull. Would you like to see a similar scheme launch in your area?

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