Norfolk Airfield To Test Revolutionary Aid Distribution Plane

The historic, Old Buckenham Airfield will help charter the future of flight, set to host testing of a new solar and wind-powered aircraft.

  • The ‘electric sky jeep’ is a NUNCATS project, made to deliver essential supplies to communities in need.
  • The Old Buckenham Airfield in Norfolk is known for its USAAF history, and will host testing of the craft.
  • Long term, NUNCATS look to share their work with the sports flying sector.

Electric flight isn’t always about showing off or taking you from A to B. Sometimes, doing the right thing for people in need is the best kind of motivator. Case in point, NUNCATS and their work on a greener solution to emergency supply distribution.

NUNCATS, a non-profit CIC, will test out their ‘electric sky jeep’ plane at the Old Buckenham Airfield in Norfolk. It’s a light aircraft powered by solar/wind energy, and could prove the difference-maker in distributing supplies to underdeveloped areas.

Moreover, the plane is based on the Zenith CH750, a light sport plane made by US company Zenith Aircraft. The original CH750 has a range of 520 miles running on traditional fuel. How NUNCATS’ modified plane fares in comparison is still up in the air for the time being.

“…refuelling facilities are scarce, conventional fuel is expensive and, in the long term, unsustainable. However, such communities often have plenty of sunshine and wind to generate electricity.”

Testing of the sky jeep will begin shortly at the Old Buckenham Airfield

Testing of their ‘electric sky jeep’ will take place at the Old Buckenham Airfield in Norfolk. This is a former USAAF hanger responsible for crafting fighter planes in WWII, for those that don’t know. These days the airfield is used to ring in the future, as proven by the work of NUNCATS.

In fact, NUNCATS is currently crowdfunding, looking to modernise their space to make testing the plane a lot safer. Moreover, their larger target of £22,975, would be used to build a showcase micro-grid charger. And in their words: “establish our base as the world’s first 100% renewable energy ePlane charging station.”

NUNCATS hopes to establish a complete charging network by modifying existing solar grids, thus allowing their sky jeeps to swoop in, drop off, and repeat. Logistically, it all sounds promising and could pave the way for other parties to get involved down the line.

© Credit to NUNCATS

NUNCATS’ looks to make a significant impact on the light aircraft market as a whole

Could we be looking at the future of air aid? NUNCATS certainly seem optimistic. Who knows, they could offer flat pack/fully assembled planes to key organisations quicker than you might expect.

Other sports flying companies could take advantage of NUNCATS work at a later time if everything goes to plan, too. After all, their long-term goal is to share their technologies with the sector by selling their modular batteries, conversion kits and designs.

Besides, the number of electric startups operating these days could really benefit from NUNCATS work. It could actually spur new startups to form, and try their hand at the future of air travel.

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