NIO Rolls 300,000 EV Off Production Line

Today marks a very special day for Chinese automaker NIO, who has made a habit of breaking records over the years.

An image of cars leaving the NIO production factory
An impressive achievement for the Eastern automaker © Credit to NIO

Today (December 12th), the 300,00th electric car rolled off the production line at NIO’s Second Advanced Manufacturing Base, which is quite the milestone.

Since the production of its first smart EV in May 2018, NIO has been breaking records left, right, and centre. Leading up to this achievement, they broke records for production speed and production capacity.

Earlier this year NIO started delivery of products derived from its second-generation product platform (NT2.0), namely the ET7, ES7, and ET5.

The delivered volume of these new models is on the rise, just in time to see NIO add to its portfolio with five new models said to “meet the customers’ diverse needs” in the first half of 2023.

It’s been a big year for NIO across the board. In the first half of the year, NIO became the first automaker listed in the US, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

It also started service and delivery of the ET7 in Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Sweden in October. NIO has also built an innovation centre in Berlin while setting up an artificial intelligence and autonomous driving R&D centre in Singapore.

The plan for the automaker is to serve more than 25 countries/territories by 2025. We imagine they’ll more than smash this target should they continue this run of form.

Today, NIO has:

  • 395 NIO Houses and NIO Spaces
  • 1,263 Power Swap Stations
  • 12,785 charging piles
  • And access to 998,000+ third-party charging piles

Below we’ve included a link to the YouTube video announcing this milestone.

NIO is carving out its own space in the EV market. It will be interesting to see what next year brings for the brand. Could a UK expansion happen? We certainly hope so.

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