NIO Finally Enters European EV Market With Norway Launch

The Chinese powerhouse has started taking pre-orders to deliver electric vehicles in Norway, opening the door to a potential UK launch.

  • You can soon pre-order the ES8 SUV in Norway, next year, the ET7 Saloon.
  • Deliveries are expected to arrive in September.
  • NIO will develop/launch their unique battery swap stations in Norway.
  • They will also look to bring their “NIO House” concept to Norway.

It was only a matter of time. Chinese EV company NIO will soon turn their attention to Europe, specifically Norway, to begin their overseas expansion.

In July, you can pre-order the NIO ES8 SUV. Deliveries are expected to arrive in September, which bodes well for many Norwegians looking for something different in a bustling EV market.

Choosing the ES8 SUV as their first vehicle to launch in Europe is a fantastic choice, to say the least. It’s a multi-purpose EV that can go from 0-100 km/h in 4.9 seconds. Furthermore, the ES8 has a certified range of 310 miles, and is a sure-fire rival to the Tesla Model X. Expect prices to follow as we get closer to that impending July pre-order.

Norway is the first European country to sell NIO vehicles, which makes sense from a business standpoint. After all, Norway is a haven for EV right now, with sales of electric vehicles overpowering that of standard petrol/diesel options.

It doesn’t stop there; NIO is planning on releasing the ET7 saloon in 2022, said to be the new flagship vehicle of the Chinese automaker. It’s an impressive vehicle, complete with autonomous driving features and 627Ib ft of torque.

NIO is bringing their battery swap stations and “NIO House” concept too

NIO aren’t satisfied with just a vehicle launch either. They’re planning on installing around four battery swap stations by the end of this year, with more on the way in 2022 across Norway. A USP like these swap stations has helped NIO separate themselves from the pack.

© Credit to NIO

Moreover, NIO will bring their NIO House concept over too. For the uninitiated, the NIO House concept is an exclusive club, open only to owners of NIO vehicles. There’s a cafe and a workstation within, giving drivers a unique alternative to your run-of-the-mill coffee shop. Basically, NIO isn’t leaving anything to chance.

The first NIO House will open in Oslo and then in four additional locations next year. It’s an interesting idea, and could spur other electric car brands to follow suit should it prove successful. The thought of a Tesla-brand cafe is enough to get anyone excited!

Could the UK be next to receive such treatment? It’s certainly on their radar according to NIO’s Vice President Hui Zhang: “The UK is an important country to NIO, and has always been referred to as a special place for our founder William Li. The brand was formally launched in London and Oxford and remains our centre for simulation and CAE.”

Right now, NIO vs Tesla is like watching an irresistible force vs an immovable object. It’s true, Tesla leads the pack, but NIO is nipping at their heels. Could a UK launch push them into pole position?

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