Nimbus Launches Beginner-Friendly Fully-Enclosed Electric Vehicle

Nimbus recently launched an electric vehicle that can only be described as a car and motorcycle rolled into one. A cotorcycle? A Martocycle? We’re still undecided on what to call it.

An image of the Nimbus in a white room
Would you go for a spin in the very nimble Nimbus One? © Credit to Nimbus

The Nimbus One has a fully-enclosed design much like a car, with safety features such as an air bag, and AI sensors to help prevent collisions with other vehicles.

According to their website the company names this EV the “Future of urban mobility” by combining “the convenience and cost of a motorbike, with the safety and comfort of a car”.

This is due to the stable tricycle design, as the car has two wheels in the front and one in the back, enhancing the vehicle’s ability to lean.

Luckily for beginners leaning into corners while driving the Nimbus One won’t be an issue, as the proprietary technology helps to maintain the balance of the vehicle on sharp turns.

This technology means the driver (or rider) does not have to worry about leaning the vehicle into turns themselves, and provides an alternative mode of transport to driving scooters and motorbikes in wet weather conditions.

One perk of the Nimbus One is that anyone holding a drivers license can get their hands on one and start driving right away, as there is no need for a motorbike license, or even a helmet.

Not only this, but a few other perks of the city vehicle include:

  • A top speed of 50mph
  • A range of 93 miles
  • 0-30mph in 3 seconds
  • Full charge from a household outlet in 5.4 hours
  • Full charge from a Level 2 charger in 1.2 hours

Nimbus investor, Jesse Michels from Thiel Capital, described the vehicle as “an affordable, lightweight, convenient electric vehicle” that has “the safety profile of a car with the fun and agility of a motorcycle”.

The vehicle has the footprint of a motorcycle, so can effectively park anywhere, taking up only ¼ of the space of a regular car.

When it comes to price point, the company has catered to every customer providing the option to rent a vehicle at just $200 a month, or to buy one upfront for $9,980.

The company boasts that the Nimbus One “costs less than the gas and insurance of a car”, and offers a simple cancellation process if customers change their mind. Those who have pre-ordered can expect their EV’s to be with them anytime from July 2023.

Can you see yourself roaming around in one of these things? Or will you be looking at some of the larger EVs to get from point A to point B? Leave us a comment below.

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