Motorised Fun: Finding The Best Kids Electric Scooter

Like adult-sized two-wheelers, finding the best kids electric scooter is pretty simple, as long as you know where to look.

The internet will be your friend here, but why go through the hassle of trudging through countless pages when we have done all the work for you?

Electric scooters are fun for people of all sizes, especially children.

With a motorised two-wheeler, your little tikes can live young, wild and free.

The same goes for power wheels, aka, electric cars for kids.

Also, don’t worry. Electric scooters for kids aren’t nearly as powerful as adult versions. Meaning they are very safe and will make a fine addition to his/her toybox.

Sure, you could go for a non-electric version, but to do so would miss out on many boosted adventures in the park or beach.

The benefits of buying a kids electric scooter for your little one are endless.

Trust us.

Read this post in full, and see if that changes your mind (if you’re currently undecided).

Why Buy A Kids Electric Scooter?

Electric scooters, in general, have grown drastically in popularity in recent years.

It’s to the point now where I-Spy has been replaced by count the number of electric scooters you see during car journeys.

Why is this the case?

That’s easy.

Electric scooters — kids electric scooters especially — have never been cheaper, and from a performance standpoint, they’ve never been better at getting riders from A to B.

At this point, we should mention that there are some pretty good electric bikes for kids out there, but they are noticeably different as far as price is concerned.

And, in our opinion, aren’t as safe to ride compared to a motorised scooter.

Fun Fact: These two-wheelers fall into the category of ‘personal electric transport’

Sure, you can attach stabilisers to the back wheels for additional support. But with a scooter, your children will have an easier time stepping off should they lose control.

Which brings us to our first point.

Electric Scooters For Kids Are 100% Safe

Kids e scooters are, if anything, safer to ride compared to those made for fully-grown adults.

First of all, these motorised two-wheelers don’t go nearly as fast, so you shouldn’t have to worry about your little one moving too fast and potentially fall.

Adult e scooters can travel at speeds of up to 25km/h, whereas a kids electric scooter will hit 16km/h tops.

You’ll rarely come across a smaller e scooter with better speed, and if you do, expect to pay more upfront for it.

Max range of the two-wheeler is also affected by the size of the e scooter outright.

A smaller battery means your child’s electric scooter won’t travel too far, which in turn means it won’t take as long to charge!

Ideally, your children should all be wearing helmets if they’re to go out for a day of electric riding in the park.

We only say that because we’ve seen many parents letting their children go out without a helmet on.

If you care about safety — more so for children under the age of 8 — then you’ll ensure a helmet is practically glued to their little heads.

Easier Storage: Kids Electric Scooter

A smaller scooter means there is more room for activities at home and more space in the boot of your car for luggage.

These electric scooters are designed to be folded and stored with the greatest ease. They’re also incredibly light, so you should have no issues with carrying it around if the little one’s start getting tired.

Top Tip: If you’re worried that a specific kids electric scooter is too big, then be sure to read the product description associated with the two-wheeler in question. Almost all of them display the dimensions/weight of the scooter for reference.

You can store a kids e scooter practically anywhere. The same can be said for most adult electric scooters — unless they happen to be a heavy-duty electric scooter.

They tend to be very heavy and almost too bulky for their own good.

We can’t recall seeing any heavy-duty kids e scooters.

Which is probably a good thing.

No, the majority of two-wheelers made for little ones follow a similar build/design.

The Best Kids Electric Scooters Are Cheap

You don’t need to pay a small fortune to find a decent motorised scooter for your son/daughter.

In fact, most electric scooters will do the trick. Still, not all were created equal, and there are some that go above and beyond your expectations.

You’ll know what we mean fully in a moment once we’ve started picking out some worthy options for you to look at.

Basically, you’ll be expected to pay between £100 to £275 for a kids electric scooter.

We wouldn’t call this an expensive purchase, but you might have a different opinion?

We’d call an electric scooter an investment in enjoyment, given the smiles it puts on faces.

And this isn’t exclusive to children either.

Look at anyone on the back of a motorised scooter, old or young.

They’re all riding around with a noticeable Cheshire grin.

Let’s not forget that you can also take advantage of payment plans if you don’t want to pay the full price there and then.

Rest easy.

Klarna is there if you need it.

Buying A Kids E Scooter Gets Them Outside

Computer games have seemingly taken over, replacing the nannies/babysitters completely.

It’s something that has had a ripple effect throughout multiple age groups leading into 17-year-olds.

Buying your child an electric scooter is almost guaranteed to get them outside in the sunshine — or rain, depending on where you live.

Oh, and don’t worry.

Most e scooters are waterproof. That being said, it’s worth checking beforehand as some aren’t.

As we’ve proven, you can take a kids e scooter with you anywhere you like, too. You could travel between countries on a road trip and bring it along for the ride.

We often spend far too long indoors when we should really be getting our daily dose of vitamin D, and the same goes for children.

Buying an e scooter is the perfect answer to that.

The Best Electric Scooters For Kids Out Right Now

Variety is the spice of life.

That’s what they say, right?

A saying that applies to practically anything — including motorised scooters made for infants.

If you’ve spent time online looking for the perfect two-wheeler, you’ll know this first hand.

Toy stores like Smyths, Toys R Us and The Entertainer are all great options if you’d like to see some of the below picks in person.

Even Halfords will come in handy as the popularity of these e scooters is shared by the biggest sellers in the market.

Understand that not every scooter we’ll be covering here is foldable, which can be a deal-breaker for a lot of parents.

Parents who would like to take these rides with them on vacation (otherwise known as holidays if you’re from the UK).

Furthermore, price and size will differ, but we’ll make sure to display all the relevant info for you; again, so that you don’t have to.

Now, let’s scoot.

Bug Q5 Kids E Scooter Meet the cutest kids electric scooter you’ll find

Bug Q5 Electric Kids Scooter

UK Scooter Price: £120
Max Speed: 3.7mph
Recommended Age: 4 – 9 Years

We’re kicking off our list of the best electric scooters for kids with a big one — or should we say, bug one?

Most electric scooters for kids stick to two wheels.

The Bug Q5 must have missed the memo.

It’s bright and colourful and comes in some pretty playful colours for you to pick and choose from.

That’s the first thing you’ll pick up on when you see it for yourself.

This three-wheeled insect of an e scooter is suitable for children between the ages of 4 and 8. Weight-wise, this particular scooter can handle 50kg total, which shouldn’t be an issue for most children.

The low-powered motor of the Bug limits the max speed of the scooter to 3.7mph, with a total range of 6km.

Perfect for the littlest of little ones.

It features a tough plastic resin body/frame. The wheels are also just as durable, not to mention puncture-proof.

It’s a great starter scooter, but you will need to upgrade eventually, given its small stature.

E4TP Says: If any kids e scooter was going to win an award for cutest ride, it would have to go to the Bug Q5, for obvious reasons. It’s a great starter scooter, but you will need to upgrade eventually, given its small stature.

Razor Electric Scooter Only so many brands can match the power of Razor

Razor Power Core E90 Kids Electric Scooter

UK Scooter Price: £200
Max Speed: 10mph
Recommended Age: 8+ Years

Looking for something slightly bigger/stronger?

A powerhouse for your kids to zoom into the future and back?

Take a look at the Razor Power Core E90 Kids Electric Scooter. Easily one of, if not the best electric kids scooter out right now.

What’s great about this particular kids e scooter is the fact that it feels like an adult scooter that’s been zapped by a shrink ray.

It looks the part, and it also comes with three power modes, allowing for better control depending on the preferences of the (little) person in control.

Riders will get around 80 minutes of fun out of the E90 before needing some additional juice. Range-wise, it can travel up to 21km on each charge.

It also comes with a warranty if it doesn’t live up to the hype.

Or you know. It breaks.

Razor is the go-too electric scooter company, too.

The reputation of the brand speaks for itself and guarantees quality each and every time.

Buyers have multiple colour options.

The pink and black is our personal favourite, but that green is pretty cool in its own right.

E4TP Says: There aren’t many kids scooters that can compete with adult versions. Yet here we are, talking about the Razor Power Core E90 e scooter as if it were full size. Our advice: buy now.

Zinc Kids Electric Bike Foldable and affordable

ZINC E4 Kids Folding Electric Scooter

UK Scooter Price: £110
Max Speed: 5mph
Recommended Age: 6+ Years

The ZINC E4 Kids Folding Electric Scooter is the first folding type on our list here if you can believe that.

It’s a fantastic little scooter, one suitable for children aged 6 and up.

Speed of this e scooter is slightly quicker than the Bug at 5mph. This two-wheeler, in many ways, feels like an evolution of the Bug, come to think of it.

And it’s cheaper!

Weight-wise, the ZINC E4 is one of the lighter options you have (4.82kg), making it a doddle to carry around with you.

A nifty feature is the step-on sensor technology, which tells the two-wheeler when your child is on-board and when he/she isn’t.

It’s also how you go from stationary to mobile.

What’s great about the ZINC E4 e scooter is that it isn’t nearly as bulky as other rides. From afar, it just looks like any standard scooter, complete with a sturdy/reliable rear brake for slowing down.

Power of the ZINC comes from a 21.6 V lithium battery. It should take around 3 hours to charge from flat.

E4TP Says: Reliable is the word that comes to mind when we think of the ZINC E4 Kids Folding Electric Scooter. As we said, this two-wheeler feels like the next evolution of scooters meant for those aged 4 and up.

Wired Electric Kids E Scooter Seamless mode switching: Wired has it covered

Wired 120 Pro Lithium Electric Scooter

UK Scooter Price: £130
Max Speed: 7.5mph
Recommended Age: 8+ Years

Yet another e scooter that looks like a standard non-electric version.

Meet the Wired 120 Pro Lithium Electric Scooter, a cost-effective option that doesn’t fall short of the mark — unlike some we’ve seen.

It’s powered through a thumb throttle, and the motor doesn’t kick in until the scooter is in motion.

The best thing about the Wired 120 is that you can ride it like any bog-standard scooter if your nipper wants to.

With this scooter, you’re really getting the best of both worlds.

Granted, you have to pay slightly more compared to a static, non-electric scooter, but we think it’s 100% worth it, given how seamless you can switch between the two modes.

The 5” tires lead to a very smooth and stable ride from start to finish, regardless of how fast the rider is travelling.

Speaking of, the max speed of this kids electric scooter is 7.5mph.

It won’t break the sound barrier, but your little one will enjoy hours of endless fun with little to no drawbacks.

E4TP Says:There aren’t many electric scooters for kids that give you the option to switch between modes. It’s one of the main selling points of the Wired 120 Pro and will be the reason why a lot of you reading this will buy it.

Chaos Kids Electric Scooters This e scooter has no right to be so good for how much you pay

Chaos 12v 30w Black Kids Electric Scooter

UK Scooter Price: £90
Max Speed: 8mph
Recommended Age: 6+ Years

We thought we’d end our list with great value for money.

The Chaos 12v 30w Black Kids Electric Scooter is the cheapest of the lot and is chocked full of exciting features.

Features that shouldn’t really be attached to a kids e scooter this cheap, in all honesty.

With this two-wheeler, kids can whizz along at speeds of up to 8mph at a time. The length of each ride is extended, too, courtesy of a 12v 2.0Ah battery.

In terms of time, this gives riders roughly 60 minutes of enjoyment before it gives out.

Additional highlights of this motorised scooter include 140mm Polyurethane Wheels, a responsive foot brake with motor cut out, and a kickstand if you need it to stand upright independently.

Unfortunately, charge time is slightly more than some of the other two-wheelers mentioned (5 to 6 hours).

We should also mention that you can’t ride this e scooter in wet conditions.

E4TP Says: Cheap, yet mighty. This Chaos kids e scooter is worth its weight in gold if you’re in the market for the cheapest two-wheeler possible. We’d personally go for the Razor over this one, but it does have a unique appeal outside of being cheap.

Motorised Fun: Finding The Best Kids Electric Scooter

Kids e scooters are near identical to adult versions most of the time, only smaller.

They might be small, but the inner-workings are pretty much copied and pasted from larger versions, albeit smaller.

If you choose to go off on your own to find the best kids electric scooter, make sure to do your research thoroughly. Customer reviews are a great indicator of quality/safety.

YouTube can be pretty handy, too, as there’s more than likely a video/review of every kids e scooter known to man on there.

We’ve seen entire families riding around on this two-wheeler to give you an idea of how popular these personal electric transport vehicles have become.

If you’re looking for a cheap adult e scooter, why not check out our guide on the best electric scooters under £500 next?

It’s well worth a read.

Best Kids Electric Scooter FAQs

What age can a child ride an e scooter?

Most electric scooters recommend your child be ages 8 or up. This doesn’t mean younger children can’t ride. It just means you should ask yourself: is my child tall enough? Can I afford a kids e scooter? And, where is he/she riding?

What are the best electric scooters for kids?

In our opinion, the best electric scooter on the market, made for children, is the Razor Power Core E90 Kids Electric Scooter. Razor are a reputable scooter brand for starters, and this two-wheeler has enough positive reviews from parents to give it the nod over some of your other options.

What is the max speed of a kids electric scooter?

Smaller electric scooters, meant for kids between 4 and 9, will only travel up to 3.7mph. Slightly bigger two-wheelers will move at speeds of up to 10mph. For reference, adult scooters limit how fast you can travel to 15.5mph on average per UK law.

Is it legal to ride an e scooter in public?

Unfortunately, UK law does consider riding an electric scooter in public illegal. Still, this hasn’t stopped others from riding out in the open. The law states that you can only ride a motorised scooter on private land with the owner’s permission.

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