Mitsubishi Fuso Unveils Next-Gen eCanter Test Vehicles

This is the first time seeing Mitsubishi’s eCanter. This model promises further upgrades from the previous version, complete with a range of additional safety features.

Mitsubishi eCanter test vehicle
A look at the Japanese automaker’s new test vehicles © Credit to Mitsubishi

Japanese automaker Mitsubishi has unveiled its next generation eCanter for the very first time at the company’s headquarters at Kawasaki City. News of this vehicle’s release aligns with Mitsubishi’s goal of investing more in electric vehicles across the board.

The new eCanter will be put through its paces before moving to the next stage. According to the brand, the eCanter will go through a heavy testing period of over one million kilometres of driving tests before the official product launch.

Models will be tested in both hot and cold climates both domestically and abroad to ensure maximum quality and efficiency.

“We are proceeding with the development of electrified vehicles and further expanding our EV-dedicated infrastructure,” Mitsubishi vice-president Hironobu Ando says.

“Our ultimate goal is to achieve CO2 neutrality in our commercial vehicles and we hope to contribute to the sustainability of not only our customers’ businesses but also that of society as a whole.”

The first series-production version of the vehicle launched back in 2017, with the automaker updating the vehicle in 2020. Images of the test vehicles show additional improvements.

Mitsubishi’s goal is to continue electrifying new models by 2039, to meet its CO2 goals head-on. Its eCanters have been in operation since 2017, aiding various businesses and their varying logistics needs.

The Japanese automaker aren’t the only ones working on electric trucks/commercial vehicles at the moment. It will be interesting to see how this eCanter fairs what with the quality of the competition.

With the 2017 eCanter being so popular, it’s hard not to imaging that this vehicle follows a similar trajectory. What do you make of the updated eCanter? Leave us a comment below.

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