MINI Urbanaut: From Concept Car To A Potential Reality?

Yes, you are reading this right. The concept car with a constant blue hew could be nearing an official launch.

  • This version is altered from the original MINI Urbanaut concept shown last November.
  • MINI intends to to unveil a new mock-up of the Urbanaut later this month at the DLD Summer conference in Munich.
  • The Urbanaut features a fold-out windshield and an interior that doubles as a living space.

How often do you see electric concept cars receive an encore? We’ll answer that for you: it’s very rare. Yet here we are, discussing a potential release for MINI’s Urbanaut electric van.

We first heard of this EV last November, and we thought that was it. A fun glimpse into what an underwater car might look like in the future. However, MINI is planning on unveiling a revised version of the Urbanaut later this month at the DLD Summer Conference in Munich.

© Credit to MINI

The Urbanaut, like its name suggests, has an aquatic feel. Ocean-tinted windows make the interior look underwater, which in turn highlights the living space behind the driver’s seat.

That’s right. MINI’s Urbanaut doubles up as a living space, similar to Heatherwick Studio’s AIRO concept.

In fact, if you squint a little and turn your head to the side, it sort of resembles a stylish torpedo from the outside — the kind you might see in a Wes Anderson movie, given the colour scheme.

We don’t know a lot in terms of spec, other than it is 176 inches long (6 inches shorter than the Volkswagen ID.4 for reference). We also know that the interior is made mainly out of renewable/recycled materials and features a fold-out windshield.

BMW, parent company of MINI, wants to go all-electric by 2030. Could the Urbanaut be part of future plans?

Would you own an electric van like this if it became available? Or would it be too flamboyant for your taste? Let us know either way.

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