Mid-Mounted Batteries: This Ferrari Patent Hints At Future EVs

This new patent gives us an inside look at upcoming EVs, a patent that was filed back in June 2019 but was published only a few days ago.

Ferrari electric patent with brand logo
This set up bears a striking resemblance to the Rimac Nevera © Credit to Ferrari

Ferrari, the Italian automaker known for crafting some of the best performance-heavy cars in existence, announced a year ago that it would release an electric supercar by 2025.

Not a lot else was said at that time, all we had was confirmation, until now. A new patent filed at the US Patent Office back in 2019 (and only published recently), give us a hint at what to expect.

The patent is titled: ‘ELECTRIC OR HYBRID SPORT CAR,’ and it looks very similar to the Rimac Nevera — another supercar with electric properties.

Images attached to the patent show a low-slung two-seater, fitting a classic mid-engine Ferrari setup.

One of the most notable inclusions is the hefty mid-mounted battery pack (capacity unspecified). There’s also multiple smaller batteries running along the floor. All are mounted to some kind of subframe, attaching everything to the main tub.

This patent is applicable to both hybrid and full-electric vehicles, which might suggest that the mid-mounted battery could be swapped out for an engine — a simple in and out job, but that isn’t the case.

Ferrari patent showing mid-mounted batteries The mid-mounted batteries shown in the Ferrari patent © Credit to Ferrari

In the doc, this is said:

“Even though the [illustrations] do not show any heat engine, it can be housed in the front part of the car or behind the rear battery pack… thus defining a configuration in which the rear battery pack is interposed between the heat engine and the seats of the car.”

If this is the case, expect a pretty stuffed hybrid version. Another thing you might notice is that the rear portion of this bolt-on frame is angled slightly, pointing upwards. This is to produce ‘negative lift’ or downforce at the back of the car.

Looks-wise, we are given a rough outline as to what these EVs might look like (and we mean rough). What we see look a lot like the current V8 Ferraris, however, we wouldn’t read too much into it, as this is more than likely a placeholder of sorts.

We might not have had much to go off of before, but this patent looks hella promising. What do you make of this patent? And do you think it looks a lot like the Rimac Nevera? Leave us a comment down below.

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