Mercedes-Benz Acquires Motor Tech Company YASA

YASA will help Mercedes-Benz develop pioneering drive technologies that take the German automaker into the next generation and beyond.

German car brand Mercedes-Benz has just announced the acquisition of next-gen electric drive tech company YASA.

The two have been working alongside one another since 2019, only now Mercedes-Benz considers it a wholly-owned subsidiary. YASA is to develop ultra high-performance e-motors that could give MB a serious edge over the competition.

“Working with Mercedes-Benz since 2019, it was always clear that we shared the same commitment to engineering excellence, innovation and reshaping mobility for the electric age. This acquisition is tremendously exciting because it gives YASA technology the global scale and reach of Mercedes-Benz, says Chris Harris, CEO of YASA.

“Together, we have the opportunity to make YASA the premier mark of excellence in electric motor technology, accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles and resetting the bar for electric driving experiences.”

YASA will continue to operate as its own brand out of its production facility in Oxford (UK), continuing the legacy of a company that was founded in 2009 and is now home to 250 dedicated employees.

“We warmly welcome YASA to Mercedes-Benz. YASA’s impressive axial-flux technology allows future fully electric Mercedes-AMG performance cars to stay a step ahead of the competition. Thanks to electric motors with higher power density and continuous torque delivery we will redefine the future of driving performance.”
— Philipp Schiemer, CEO of Mercedes-AMG and Head of the Top End Vehicle Group

The e-motors developed by YASA will look to deliver high power as expected, in addition to being as small and as lightweight as possible. Together, there’s no telling what the two can achieve in time.

Does this acquisition come as a surprise to you? Or was it inevitable, in your opinion? Give us your thoughts. We’d love to hear them via our social media channels.

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