Meet The Four-Wheeled Transporter MobED From Hyundai

We’re taking a break from the electric vehicles you know (kinda) to highlight an automaker’s latest marvel that carries practically anything you want it to!

This robot could make everyday life all the more easier © Credit to Hyundai

What do you get the EV owner that has just about everything in terms of tech and gadgets? That’s simple, you get them Hyundai’s latest four-wheeler — the MobED.

Mobility but on a much larger scale, that’s one of the best ways of understanding MobED, after all, the concept itself is somewhat of a head-scratcher.

Aren’t Hyundai supposed to be making cars?

Well, yes, but that’s not stopped them in the past from branching out and trying something a little off key. In fact, multiple car-makers are trying their hand at robotics.

Toyota and Honda are both investing heavily in this area, perhaps to work in-sync with their electric driving efforts.

Back to MobED. This robot has a top speed of 30km/h (18mph) and can run for around four hours before needing to stop for some charge. The company has said nothing in terms of sensors or autonomous driving, despite this tech having all the callsigns of such.

Still, the question as to why Hyundai made such a thing is still up for debate. Our guess is that it plans to distribute this tech amongst industry partners to use in a factory setting.

Hyundai MobED transporter Hyundai wishes to make life easier with this little guy/gal © Credit to Hyundai

In an everyday setting, Hyundai has suggested that the four-wheeler has unlimited possibilities. In the video showcasing the MobED (a video we’ll link at the bottom of this post) the robot is used:

  • As a pushchair
  • As a waiter
  • As a deliveryman
  • As a TV stand

And that’s before we’ve even said that it can dance and flash various LED lights as it busts a move!

MobED is 67cm long and 60cm wide, complete with four 12-inch pneumatic tires that are controlled independently via a series of motors found on each axel.

He/she can move in any direction, making it quite flexible in terms of where you need it to go.

“MobED can be used as a mobility device for the elderly or the disabled when the platform is sufficiently increased for people to mount it,” said Hyundai in the MobED press release.

“It can also be used as a stroller or leisure vehicle.”

We’re not sure who might want to get on the back of MobED, although it does kinda look a little like an electric skateboard?

Perhaps some extreme sports names could find a use for this thing. Although, it does look like it could handle itself around the golf course, akin to a caddy.

Is this something you’d like to have at home or at work? We’d like to see more of MobED before we make any final decisions (a price would be nice too), but what do you think?

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