Meet Arcimoto’s ‘Mean Lean Machine’ Electric Tricycle

No electric transporter takes it as far as the ‘Mean Lean Machine.’ Which was to be expected given the fact that off-kilter vehicles are Arcimoto’s specialty.

Arcimoto electric trike concept
The Mean Lean Machine can tilt and lean like no other © Credit to Arcimoto

Electric trikes aren’t nearly as popular as your standard e bike. That could soon change with Arcimoto’s radical new full-suspension three-wheeler.

It’s called the ‘Mean Lean Machine’ (MLM) and it has a bunch of features that set it aside from other e trikes currently on the market. For starters, it’s man all-wheel drive transporter, complete with a hub motor located in each wheel.

What’s more, it looks to feature a stationary fitness bike mode. This would allow riders to workout while charging up the main drive battery of the MLM. Think of it like a Peloton bike just with more functionality.

“It’s a thrill to unveil the Mean Lean Machine, a radically new high-performance e-bike with three-wheeled stability and an awesome ride. With the MLM, you’ll be able to corner the same way you would on a regular bike with greater traction, more stability and better braking ability.”
— Bob Mighell, Arcimoto’s chief tilting officer

Easily the main highlight of this motorised tricycle is the fact that it has mastered the art of the tilt. Most e trikes are way too static and aren’s as easy as you’d think when it comes to turning.

Suspension on the MLM allows riders to control every motion with ease, without the risk of coming off the trike when travelling at a decent speed.

“The Mean Lean Machine reflects Arcimoto’s commitment to push the envelope of sustainable mobility,” says Arcimoto founder and CEO Mark Frohnmayer.

He continues:

“We started with the amazing three-wheel tilting technology developed by our Tilting Motor Works division and then packed the MLM with new cutting-edge electric vehicle features, including hub motors on all three corners and a pedal generator, in order to deliver a joyful experience unlike any other in the e-bike category.”

Arcimoto — the brand that recently revealed a self-driving delivery transporter modelled after its FUV — hasn’t revealed the full spec of the MLM just yet. That will be revealed later in the year.

You can, however, place a reservation ($100) with deliveries expected to rollout in Q4 of this year. The cost is refundable, which is ideal considering the full price of the three-wheeler has yet to be announced.

Trikes have always struggled with turning tight corners, so it’s great to see an electric version tackle this issue head on. What do you think of the MLM? Leave a comment below.

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