The Hydrogen Sportscar: Meet The Alpine Alpenglow

The Alpenglow is a hydrogen-powered sports car that could power an entire lineup of vehicles in the not-so-distant future. It takes inspiration from another Alpine vehicle in the A220 Alpine racer.

Alpine Alpenglow concept car image
The future is now © Credit to Alpine

Welcome to Alpine’s mesmerising future,” is what it says on the press release announcing the Renault-owned performance company’s exciting new project in the Alpine Alpenglow, a vehicle that looks a lot like the Le Mans sports prototype racer in so many ways.

What’s we find interesting about this concept is how it hints at future vehicles in the lineup.

It’s difficult not to look at this vehicle and see its strip lights be adapted across the range. The same applies to some of the inner-workings of the vehicle (i.e. the hydrogen powertrain and some internal features on the dash).

In terms of dimensions, the Alpenglow concept is over five metres long and two metres wide, but only a metre high. This is further proof of its inspiration in track cars.

Alpine itself says that its long, slim wings are a nod to the A220 Alpine racer from the sixties. Indeed, the show car is also a single-seater, with the driver positioned in the middle, between two high-pressure (700bar) hydrogen tanks.

“Alpenglow’s mighty and lavish design hints at what Alpine cars will be like tomorrow and at our vision for motor sports moving forward,” says Laurent Rossi, CEO of Alpine.

“With hydrogen technology on board, we are strengthening our commitment to a responsible future and to keeping driving pleasure as real as ever.”

The vehicle is described as “more than a concept car,” with the UK brand describing it as “a brand manifesto, the treatise enshrining its vision and development roadmap, a tangible symbol of the Renaulution plan, paving the way for the upcoming Dream Garage models.”

Check out the video below to see the Alpine Alpenglow in all its futuristic glory:

There’s not a lot of information out there on this hydrogen-powered vehicle, other than what we’ve just outlined. We’ll keep you updated should we hear anything new

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