MATE’s New E Bike Is Called SUV For a Reason

MATE is known mostly for its folding e bikes but they’ve evolved big time with their latest release, the MATE SUV electric cargo bike.

The MATE SUV on a grey background
Convenience of a car, with the agility of a bike © Credit to MATE

MATE has done it again.

Just when you think you know exactly what they’re capable of, they go and create the MATE SUV, an electric cargo bike that more than lives up to its namesake.

This e bike is technically an electric tricycle, but MATE has yet to call it such, instead referring to it as the SUV in every possible instance.

They’re clearly doing this on purpose to emphasise just how powerful it is.

Design-wise, the MATE SUV is a tadpole trike, meaning the two wheels are located on the front, which is the opposite of what you might see in delta trikes where the wheels are located on the front.

Having the extra wheel on the front helps with stability, it also gives the trike a huge front cargo bucket that is ideal for loading up with gear or small children.

This is an e bike made for the European market which is reflected in its specs (i.e. 25km/h, or 15.5mph top speed).

Speed might be considered low, especially when compared to e bikes released in North America, but that’s just how these personal electric transporters roll in other parts of the world.

Anyone not in Europe might be waiting a long time for this e trike to receive any sort of boost. They’re a European brand through and through, as they explain in this description:

“Reimagined in Denmark, inspired by the Danish biking culture and engineered together with multiple award-winning Germano studio Zanzotti Industrial Design, this is the alternative that will change the way you move.”

The SUV is built with a frame made out of 90% recycled aluminium and was designed with multiple height requirements in mind (between 5 foot 3 to 6 foot 10).

‘Durable’ is one of the many ways to describe the bucket thanks to its ability to carry two children or one adult (this depends entirely on the weight of the people in question). The bike can fit up to 210 L (55.5 gallons) in total.

Its power comes from a mid-drive motor with a built-in torque sensor (90 Nm torque rating). From what we’ve seen, it might have a 250W sticker on the side but it’s definitely pumping out more power than it lets on.

“The MATE SUV will redefine your journey and propel forward a movement of people who want to take back the streets.”

Range-wise, the MATE SUV can ride up to 100km (62 miles) per charge. Do keep in mind this will likely fluctuate based on things such as weather and the weight of whatever, or whoever, the SUV is hauling.

You can pre-order the MATE SUV right now. It’s currently unknown when deliveries are expected but you’d have to imagine it’s soon if reservations are already open.

MATE released a video introducing the SUV, which you can see below:

The MATE SUV is one of several multi-purpose electric trikes to be announced in recent months. We expect this trend to continue as more people adopt alternative methods of transport.

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