Mass Production of Tevva’s Electric Truck Has Begun

Mass production of Tevva’s all electric truck is officially underway following an official statement made by the UK manufacturer.

The Tevva electric truck parked outside of a depot
An e truck made for last-mile and urban delivery across all of Europe © Credit to Tevva

Originally unveiled in October 2021, Tevva has announced that it has kicked off mass production and sales of its 7.5 tonne battery electric truck in the UK and across Europe.

The truck itself is rather impressive when you look at its capabilities and spec. Ideal for last-mile and urban delivery, the EV is capable of travelling up to 140 miles (227 km) via a 105 kWh battery.

What’s more, it can carry up to 15 Euro-pallets and can charge up to 90% in roughly five hours or so.

Tevva is the first British company to secure European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval for its 7.5t electric truck, giving it the green light for sales and production in volume.

For this to happen, the Tevva e truck underwent 30 system tests, which includes electric safety and electromagnetic compatibility.

Later this year, Tevva will release a 7.5t hydrogen-electric truck as a follow up to the one currently in production, thus doubling its efforts to providing a sustainable solution.

The hydrogen range-extender stretches the truck’s vehicle range up to 354 miles (570 km). Battery charge time is the same as the battery electric truck, with H2 refuelling time taking 10 minutes or so.

Both trucks are being manufactured at a factory in London Thames Freeport. Deliveries have already began rolling out, with customers such as Royal Mail, Travis Perkins, and Expect Distribution already receiving theirs.

Tevva expects to sell up to 1,000 electric trucks this year and look set to smash this target given the quality.

It’s great news for Tevva and even better news for many commercial fleets across the continent. What do you think of Tevva’s electric truck news/plans? Give us your take via social media.

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