Lotus Reveals New Lightweight Electric SUV

One of the most acclaimed supercar manufacturers in the world is heading in a utility direction with its upcoming electric SUV — a vehicle we now know as the Lotus Eletre.

A yellow Lotus Eletre mockup image
Lotus sure knows how to create lavish-looking vehicles Lotus

Earlier this week, Lotus revealed its Eletre, the supercar brand’s first SUV and one of several electric models planned to launch over the next few years.

What’s surprising about this SUV is just how large it is. Even by SUV standards, a vehicle measuring 200.9 inches is bound to raise a few questions. Previously known by codename ‘Type 132,’ the Eletre is based on a dedicated EV platform (Electric Premium Architecture).

We don’t know how much it weighs just yet, but Lotus claims substantial weight reduction of the vehicle courtesy of its carbon fiber/aluminium build.

Performance-wise, the Eletre’s all-wheel drive powertrain comes with an impressive 600 horsepower, with at least one configuration able to go from 0 to 60mph in less than three seconds total.

Top speed of the Eletre is set at 161mph. So not as speedy as some of the other vehicles in the Lotus lineup, but still just as relevant.

Range of the electric SUV is said to be around 300 miles between charges. Lotus claims that with DC fast charging, owners will be able to add up to 250 miles of range in 20 minutes.

The exterior of the vehicles emphasises aerodynamics, with vents in the hood and behind the front wheels. Theres also active shutters that will only open when needed. This is to provide direct cooling to the battery.

Another interesting design feature is the camera pods which have replaced exterior mirrors.

Handling of the vehicle is said to be top class, then again, this is Lotus we’re talking about. Air suspension with adaptive dampers, active anti-roll vars, brake-based torque vectoring, and four wheel steering will help Lotus meet these claims head-on.

In terms of when you’ll see this EV out in the open, Lotus has said it will begin production of the Eletre later this year at a new factory in Wuhan, China.

This will make it the first Lotus produced outside of the UK. Production of its traditional sports cars is expected to remain on home soil.

Deliveries for the Eletre will start in 2023, but has yet to announce the availability of the vehicle in the US.

The Eletre is one of many electric vehicles in the pipeline for Lotus. But what do you make of the brand putting out an electric SUV? Let us know in the comments down below.

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