Lightyear One Delivers Impressive Range In New Track Test

Netherlands startup Lightyear specialise in solar electric vehicles (SEVs) and are on the brink of delivering its first EV in the Lightyear One.

  • The Lightyear prototype drove over 440 miles on a single charge of 60 kWh.
  • Tests were conducted at the Aldenhoven Testing Center in Germany.
  • Lightyear will run future tests on the Lightyear One in light of a potential 2022 release.

Bright startup Lightyear has just recorded a major milestone via its solar electric vehicle prototype, the Lightyear One.

According to the Netherlands startup, Lightyear One delivered incredibly range — 441 miles of range, to be specific. It’s good news for Lightyear, as it looks to release this SEV on a wider scale, perhaps by next year.

Usually, an EV with a smaller battery — in this case, a 60 kWh battery — suffers in the range department. However, most vehicles aren’t powered directly by the sun, which gives the Lightyear One quite the USP.

© Credit to Lightyear

“This prototype has over 440 miles of range with an energy consumption of only 137 Wh/Mile at 53 miles an hour. Even the most efficient electric cars in the market today consume around 50% more energy at this relatively low speed,” says Lex Hoefsloot, CEO and co-founder of Lightyear.

He continues: “Low-energy consuming cars can also benefit a lot more from adding solar cells to the car and gain about 45 miles of charge on a sunny day.”

Track tests were conducted at the Aldenhoven Testing Center in Germany. Multiple tests were run on the prototype, ranging from validating the yield of the solar panels to battery performance.

Lightyear intends to run future tests tied to the homologation process, such as the crash tests and an official WLTP drive cycle test.

As it stands, Lightyear hopes to put its exclusive series of 946 Lightyear One’s into production “in the first half of 2022.” According to the recent press release, the company wants to address the mass market on a larger scale starting from 2024.

In other words, things are looking up for Lightyear, especially if future tests are as impressive as this latest round.

The power of the sun seemingly holds no bounds. But what do you think of the Lightyear One, knowing it can travel over 400 miles on a small battery? We want to hear your thoughts.

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