Lightyear Confirms Second Solar-Powered Car

Solar-powered car startup, Lightyear will come out with a second sun-running vehicle following the Lightyear One, with prices starting from €30,000 (£25,000).

Lightyear One
The Lightyear One is on the horizon, followed by a new vehicle in the coming years © Credit to Lightyear

The Lightyear One was unveiled all the way back in 2019, which doesn’t seem that long ago in the scheme of things.

The One is an electric sedan with a twist, it features fully integrated solar cells to help increase its range up to 450 miles. A forward-thinking vehicle like this was always going to come with a high price tag (€149,000) given the slick look of the vehicle coupled with its solar advantages.

Fast-forward to the end of 2021 and the promising young startup has confirmed that it plans to roll out a second vehicle in time, only this one will be a lot cheaper in contrast (roughly €30,000 according to Carscoops).

In terms of release date, all we know is that it’s scheduled to go into production by 2024/2025 — sometime around then. They also revealed plans to launch it in Europe and North America.

Earlier in 2021, Lightyear received $110 million in funding, seed that will bring the highly anticipated vehicle to market next year.

It’s been a newsworthy week for Lightyear, after announcing a deal with LeasePlan, a leasing company with plans to implement 5,000 of Lightyear’s second model when made available.

Great news for those leasing their sustainable vehicles rather than outright buying one.

How the Lightyear One does will clearly affect how the team approach the Lightyear Two. Will the One overshadow the Two? It does hold unbelievable power (check out the video below to learn more).

For now though, stay tuned to us here at E4TP, as we’ll be keeping you in the loop with all Lightyear Two news now that we know the company is already planning its second outing.

Could the Lightyear Two be as compelling as its predecessor? Give us your thoughts down below, and don’t forget to leave your opinions on solar-powered EVs.

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