Leaked Cybertruck Images Show No Door Handles And More

New images of the upcoming electric truck were leaked this past weekend, showing us some noticeable changes to the vehicles design — noticeable differences.

Leaked image of Cybertruck
The signature look of the Cybertruck is retained, although there are a few noticeable changes

Tesla’s Cybertruck has everyone’s attention at the minute, and with good reason. New photos shared over the weekend show it’s going through more design changes — changes that will more than likely stick ahead of its official release.

The rims have been completely changed from previous stills of the truck. Gone are the large plastic wheel covers, in are rims that look strikingly similar to those found on the Model 3. The tires do sport the same seven ridges as the original prototype — it’s likely that these rims were under that plastic covering all along, we just couldn’t see them.

New additions like windshield wipers and side view mirrors are also included. Tesla, no doubt, would like to have no side mirrors at all on its vehicles (which explains why they’re designed to be removed), but regulators clearly see cameras as somewhat of a risk.

In the case of the windshield, it now has a slight curve to it, whereas before it was completely flat. Also, the LED bar originally found at the top of the windshield is either not visible or has been removed completely.

Another thing you might notice that’s now gone are the door handles. We do know that Tesla is working on tech that allows drivers to simply walk up to their vehicles and have it unlock automatically. Could the Cybertruck have this feature?

E4TP Says

We wouldn’t be doing our job right if we didn’t say: these are leaked images, and aren’t an official announcement by any means. Still, the images do show a vehicle that looks fit for the road.

Many were worried that the very angular stylings of the vehicle would be lost before it would make it to the public. Thankfully, the very cube-like design is still alive and kicking.

It will be interesting to see if there are any more changes to come before Tesla finally (and we mean finally), announces an official release date.

There are some out there that hate the look of the Cybertruck, but I for one see it as the right kind of disruptor — one that will no doubt inspire other car brands to follow suit, and push Tesla’s future output even further, too!

Leaks are leaks, but what do you make of the images shown? Do you like the inclusion of side mirrors, or do you feel like it ruins the futuristic vibe the vehicle has? Leave a comment below.

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