Lancia To Be Relaunched as EV-Only Brand

Plans are in motion to relaunch the signature brand, through which it will release three new electric vehicles between 2024 and 2028.

A closeup of the Lancia logo on the back of a vehicle
Don’t call it a comeback © Credit to Stellantis

Fans of luxury Italian cars and EVs will find this news very exciting, to say the least.

You see, Stellantis has just announced plans to relaunch Lancia as an EV-only brand, with three vehicles planned to roll out between 2024 and 2028.

A new Ypsilon, a new Delta, and an unnamed flagship model have all been teased. This news comes to us directly from Lancia Design Day, held at a royal residence in Venaria, Italy.

Sustainable vehicles isn’t the only change coming to the brand…

The brand also announced the broader scope of its revival, which includes a sleek new logo, design language, a ten-year strategic plan, and a full 3D sculpture designed to preview its new electric lineup.

Taking inspiration from its 1957 logo, the new Lancia logo will feature on all three of its upcoming EVs.

Made of aluminium and intended to express Lancia’s new graphic codes, the new logo was developed with technologies used by the industry.

Described as “Progressive Classic,” the new logo also reworks elements seen in its prior iterations – with added extrusion to some elements that represent the brand’s leap towards the future.

At the base of Lancia’s new EVs is Pu+Ra Design – the brand’s new design language.

Standing for Pure and Radical, it will be used as a foundation for the interior and exterior design attitudes of new Lancia vehicles.

The language will leverage successive layering – a technique that adds and intersects various shapes before combining them with a variety of details.

Inside, the new language is said to take direct inspiration from Italian furniture, utilising simple geometries that aim to resemble the design/experience found in Italian living rooms.

Lancia also unveiled Pu+Ra Zero – a three-dimensional structure acting as a manifesto that will inform the design and development of these new vehicles.

The front of the sculpture features a reinterpretation of the brand’s “calice” grill – which is projected further by three rays of light.

This calice will carry over to all three EVs, serving as key identification feature on each model.

Lancia’s 10 year plan will coincide with Stellantis’ greater ‘Dare Forward’ strategy for 2030. The plan is to only sell electric vehicles in 2028, following the launch of the final model in this newly announced trio.

Are you a Lancia fan and a fan of electric vehicles? If so, what do you make of this news? We aren’t surprised, to be frank given the number of electric revivals announced/seen in recent months.

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