LA to New York: Porsche Taycan Goes The Distance With Limited Charging

Porsche has once again put one of its vehicles against a challenge worth facing, this time, having its Taycan EV go from one part of the States to the next.

Porsche Taycan on road
Life is a highway: A record was set by the Taycan © Credit to Porsche

Porsche has just announced that it’s driven an electric Taycan, covering 2,834.5 miles from Los Angeles to New York City with less than two and a half hours of cumulative charging.

Travelling from LA to NYC on less than three hours of charging is no easy feat, especially in an EV if previous records are anything to go by. That’s right, this feat set a new Guinness World Record, beating out the previous holder Kia, which announced in November of last year that it had set the record of just over seven hours in its electric EV6 hatchback.

Wayne Gerdes, a notable name in the efficiency-seeking space, was the man behind the wheel of the Taycan when it set the record (as shown below). Gerdes would use PlugShare and the Electrify America app to plan out routes, ensuring there were no wasted motions on his journey.

Wayne Gerdes charging a Porsche Taycan Wayne Gerdes giving a Porsche Taycan some juice © Credit to Porsche

The trip took five days total, with one of the larger stretches including a 1,430 mile run from Hesperia, California, to Vanita, Oklahoma in 21 hours 5 minutes.

Gerdes travelled nearly 68mph during this run, which included a handful of charging stops along the way. The trip cost around $76.82 total, which is significantly cheaper when you compare it to most gas-powered vehicles looking to make the same trip.

The first time Gerdes charged the Taycan, he reported that the battery went from 6% charged to 82% in around 22 minutes or so (350-kw unit).

The Taycan used (2021 Porsche Taycan), ran with a much larger 93.4kWh pack. Range-wise, the EV has an EPA estimated range of 225 miles between charges.

Porsche are forever facing challenges like this head on, pitting its lineup of vehicles (electric or otherwise) against tough odds.

Below is another example for you to check out.

If you follow Porsche then this news should come as no surprise. Still, what do you think of the new record set, and the fact that an electric vehicle can go from one side of a country to the next and only spend $76.82 total? Leave a comment below.

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