Kia’s Latest EV Concept Is A Beach Bum

Meet the Kia Soul Boardmasters Edition, a one-off EV taking to the waves in Cornwall (disclaimer: car cannot swim).

Kia Soul Boardmasters Concept
Working hard or hardly work (beach edition) © Credit to Kia

Kia Soul Boardmasters Edition

We’ve seen many unique concept cars in our time, but this one actually offers some level of practicality in the modern-day. More so if you’re an avid surfer.

You see, Kia, a sponsor for the Boardmasters 2021 surfing competition in Cornwall (UK), is getting amongst the action via a rugged EV made to promote the event.

And to highlight what is possible when you combine surfing culture and sustainable driving, of course.

If you haven’t guessed, this is a modified Soul EV, meaning it does sport some notable changes.

Tires For Beach Walks

Built from a recycled pre-production vehicle, the Soul Boardmasters edition takes the (beach) ball and runs with it, so to speak.

Stock wheels have been replaced by a chunky 30″ alternative. Maxxis Bighorn sand tires to give this EV a fair amount of traction on course surfaces, like the beach.

Interior of Boardmaster EV Can you find Nemo/Dory in here? © Credit to Kia

Remember, this is a surf-ready vehicle, so it does come with a custom steel roof track, a fold-out seat for sitting on the tailgate, and a rack for drying your wetsuit.

Not a lot has changed under the hood. It’s still an electric version of the Kia Soul, retaining its stock drivetrain sporting 150 kW. The electric motor can deliver 395 Nm of torque via an electric motor. A motor you’ll find tied to its front wheels.

Unfortunately, the change in tires does have a lasting impact on the range of the glorified beach buggy. Still, you should have no issues in getting to and from your local sun spot.

DIY To Some Degree

Look on top of the Soul Boardmasters edition, and you’ll find a slapped-together solar panel catching some rays, held in place by generic fasteners. The kind of fasteners you’d find at any local handyman store.

Inside there are no rear seats, only a large wooden deck made for storage/lying down.

Solar panels on top of Kia Boardmaster Catching some rays © Credit to Kia

The laxxed nature of these additions is homage to the culture and almost DIY to an extent. It’s just nice to see a major car brand wind down every once in a while.

Give us 5 minutes with a regular Soul EV, and we’re pretty sure we could copy/paste some of these changes.

We should re-iterate that this is a concept car. Yes, it exists in the real world and not in images, but the Soul Boardmasters edition is just there to promote the event. What do you think?

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