The Jewel E Is An Electric Double-Decker Offering 250 Miles Of Range

This is a state-of-the-art electric bus from powertrain maker Equipmake in collaboration with Spanish coach specialist Beulas. The Jewel E has arrived right on time, given London’s recent announcement/commitment to all-electric buses.

Equipmake Electric Bus
Setting the standard for range and efficiency in the public transport lane © Credit to Equipmake

What do you get when you combine an electric powertrain manufacturer from the UK with a coach manufacturer from Catalonia, Spain? You get the Jewel E, an electric double-decker capable of travelling up to 250 miles per charge.

According to Equipmake, the Jewel E is the longest range electric double-decker in the world and will slot right into an established electric eco-system in the UK.

In fact, Equipmake plans to craft these buses at an all-new facility in Norfolk, bringing new jobs to the area and helping the UK government achieve targets surrounding zero-emission buses. The gov wants at least 4,000 more electric buses on the streets by 2024.

“Improving urban air quality is a global problem. At the same time, operators want vehicles that are cost-effective and highly efficient, while Governments and local bodies need bus manufacturers to bring advanced technology to market quickly. Equipmake has taken all of this into account and the result is our innovative new EV double-decker, Jewel E.”
— Ian Foley, Managing Director of Equipmake.

It’s actually the first electric bus to meet Transport For London’s 2024 bus safety standards. Testing of the Jewel E begins later this year — Q4, to be specific. Manufacture and sales will start in 2022.

Jewel E Electric Bus Sales of the Jewel E will open in 2022 © Credit to Equipmake

The Jewel E could launch in other countries, too, if proven successful. “…with demand increasing globally for electric buses, we believe it provides the right solution both nationally and internationally,” says Ian Foley, Managing Director of Equipmake.

Its Zero Emission Drivetrain (ZED) was designed and developed in Norfolk, while the bus itself was put together by Beulas in Girona, Spain. Equipmake’s ZED is currently in use, found in certain single deckers on the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina, as part of an exclusive partnership with Agrale.

The Jewel E can produce up to 3,500Nm of torque, allowing it to accelerate pretty fast for a vehicle of this size. It can also store a variety of lithium-ion battery packs (up to 543kWh), depending on the preference of the buyer.

Equipmake states that the Jewel E would not be possible without efficient thermal management systems. These systems keep the motor, inverter and battery at optimum running temperature.

Expect to see this bus in the UK sooner rather than later. The Jewel E is such an interesting name too, don’t you think? Would you take a ride on this electric double-decker? Leave us a comment below.

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