Is the New Lamborghini Countach A Hybrid? Rumours Say Yes

Did you ever have a poster of the Lamborghini Countach on your bedroom wall as a kid? Yeah, this updated supercar is for you.

Lamborghini Countach Under Sheet
Under cover: The new Lamborghini Countach could be a hybrid © Credit to Lamborghini

A New Countach

It’s actually happening. Lamborghini is bringing its Countach back just in time for its 50th anniversary. And rumour has it there’s a battery under that hood (more on that in a moment).

Rumours of an updated Countach have spiralled for months. Only now do we have confirmation courtesy of a teaser released by the Italian hypercar specialist directly via Twitter.

The video jumps between a child’s bedroom and the wilderness — the child and the man featured are clearly the same person just from two different time frames, both sharing a clear interest in the Countach.

See for yourself:

A Retained Look

Furthermore, the automaker has shared a new image of the car under a sheet of some kind. From its shape and comparing it to the classic model, we can tell it has a super low front end, a sweeping greenhouse and a tapered rear with a sharp overhand.

We’d recognise the shape of this hypercar anywhere. It’s iconic in every sense of the word.

The original was first revealed back in 1971 at the Geneva Auto Show from that year. It was hailed for its unique shape/speed then and will no doubt bring those feelings back with this updated version.

According to Roadshow, Lamborghini has been taking orders for this new Countach for months now, meaning it might not be a simple one-off to ring in 50 years of celebrations. Just expect to pay millions if you want to own one — as is the case with all hypercars.

Rumours Say It’s A Hybrid

Leaks via Instagram tell us a lot more. For example, the name of the car will be ‘Countach LPI 800-4. This LPI name has been used once before by Lamborghini on its Asterion concept from 2014.

Longitudinale Posteriore Ibrido is what LPI stands for, in case you were wondering. This means the engine will be mounted in a certain way in the middle of the car, complete with a hybrid system.

That’s right, this Lambo is a hybrid. We knew already that the automaker wants to make electric vehicles in time. Still, we weren’t expecting them to roll out an electric Countach. No one did (unless you’re in the clever minority).

Keep in mind that these are simply leaks for the time being, so we won’t know the full technical spec of the vehicle until Lamborghini reveals more.

We’ll know more very soon. In fact, the reworked Countach looks set to make its grand re-debut during Monterey Car Week. So stay tuned as we’ll 100% be covering it here on E4TP.

That being said, we do know more from a visual level, thanks to a leaked image. This image shows a close-up of the new vents mounted close to the side windows, which is near identical to the original 1971 concept version of the hypercar, not the one production-ready model.

Did you own a Countach toy or have posters on your wall as a kid? If so, how excited are you at the prospect of a hybrid/updated version made for the modern-day? We’re really excited, but want your take.

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