Ireland News: DC Fast Chargers to Replace Old Phone Boxes

EasyGo have just announced a new investment in DC fast chargers in town and villages across Ireland, replacing many old phone boxes that have long-gone unused.

EasyGo vehicles charging in a car park
EasyGo is Ireland’s largest private EV charging network © Credit to EasyGo

It’s been a long time since phone boxes were the go-to form of communication.

Mobile phones made sure of that.

Many cities have removed them completely, or left them to sit and gather dust. Ireland, on the other hand, have opted to do something completely different — something electric by replacing these old boxes with EV chargers and have been for the past two years.

Irish telecoms company Eir, and EV charging network EasyGo, are working in tandem to see these changes are met.

Oliver Loomes, CEO of Eir, said:

“In order for Ireland to move to greener electric vehicles, we must have the required infrastructure in place, not just in cities, but across all of Ireland.

This new infrastructure will benefit the community the way the public payphone service once did.”

With this additional multimillion-euro investment, EasyGo has committed to deploying 200 Tritium 50 kW modular DC fast chargers around Ireland under this scheme, in addition to its existing 2,400 charge points.

According to Society of the Irish Motor Industry, around one out of every seven cars sold in Ireland this year is fully-electric, and the rate of adoption of EVs there is growing quickly.

Adding EV chargers in easily accessible town centre locations is bound to reduce range anxiety for potential new EV drivers, especially when installed in rural areas where charging isn’t so accessible.

Below is a video showing the EasyGo chargers close-up, check it out:

Have you used any of these EasyGo chargers yet? If so, what did you think of them, and what do you think about more of them being installed across the country? We want your take.

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