Investigating The Most Powerful And Fastest Electric Scooters

They might be illegal to ride in public spaces (depending on where you live), but who can really deny the raw power of the fastest electric scooters out right now?

Our investigation on the most powerful and fastest electric scooters is an interesting one, made for fans old and new.

You might end up finding your dream scooter. We’ve certainly seen a few we like just from digging; we’ve also managed to find some cheap electric scooters on our internet travels too.

Just remember to avoid public spaces or risk getting into a race with local law enforcement. The thought of someone trying to outrun police on an e-scooter belongs in games like GTA, not real life.

You ready?

The Fastest Electric Scooter Out Right Now

Let’s start from the top-down; it’s what you’re here for, right?

The fastest electric scooter in the world is known by many as “the Bugatti of electric scooters.” Say hello to the Rion RE90 Racing Edition, a speedster if we’ve ever seen one.

How fast can the fastest electric scooter in the world go exactly? The Rion RE90 can travel over 100mph if it wanted to, but it’s governed to only 80mph for safety reasons; we’re pretty sure the phrase “speed kills” was invented because of the RE90.

So, what does it do differently to make it the fastest electric scooter there is?

The racing edition is powered by two brushless hub motors located in the front and rear wheels.

Each motor has around 400 amps pulsing through it, allowing this e-scooter to go from zero to blur in no time at all.

Its lightweight frame makes it a force to be reckoned with. It only weighs around 59 lbs (27kg) which allows it to travel a lot faster. You can thank the carbon construction for that. Aluminium is also used, but only for the front and rear arms.

In other words, this electric scooter wasn’t made to traverse your local concrete jungle. You’d be better off taking it to a race track. We can guarantee it would give McClaren a run for their money.

Speaking of money, the RE90 does not fall into the category of “cheap electric scooters” — it’s a lot more expensive than most. So how much is the world’s fastest electric scooter? Prices start at $6,800 (£4,800).

Other Fast Electric Scooters You Need to Know About

New faster scooters arrive every month, it seems, which makes keeping up difficult. The electric scooters we’ll touch on here might be fast/powerful now but could be out-shined by future models.

For now, though, the Rion RE90 holds the crown and might hold on to it for a while yet.

We’ll keep you posted if that changes either way.

Let’s look at other contenders chasing the title of the fastest electric scooter before we move on.

Currus Panther

Top Speed: 47.53mph (76.5kmh)

Premium performance and acceleration that could put most e-bikes to shame — the Currus Panther truly purrs as one of the fastest e-scooters hovering near that 50 mph mark — which is almost as fast as an actual panther (look it up).

With front/rear-wheel hydraulic suspension, you can guarantee a controlled ride, even at high speed.

If used in perfect conditions, the Currus Panther can travel up to 75 miles on a single charge. The Currus Panther comes with two charging points, allowing you to charge it that much faster!

It’s the first electric scooter on our list and is easily one of the best in terms of top speed, leaving hundreds in the dust.

Keep your eyes open for this wildcat; it’s a fantastic e-scooter.

Apollo Phantom Ludicrous

Top Speed: 48.22mph (77.6kmh)

The Apollo Phantom Ludicrous is as sleek as it is quick. Like the Rien RE90, it’s deceptively fast, albeit slightly heavier at 77 lbs (35kg). It’s one of the most powerful electric scooters out right now, completely by design.

Apollo set out to make the complete package, and they more than delivered. It’s fast, folds easily, and comes with regenerative brakes. We can’t talk about the Apollo Phantom Ludicrous without mentioning the HEX display. It’s a next-gen display for an e-scooter with plenty going for it already.

The top speed of the Phantom is set at 48.22mph for the 60V version. A 52V version is available, only it isn’t as fast; it’s cheaper but slower.

Basically, it moves like a Phantom; fast and seamless, dare we say, weightless. Out the way Casper, there’s a new ghost in town.

Weped SS

Top Speed: 55mph (90kmh)

It might look like a rainbow with wheels, but don’t let that fool you. The Weped SS is a speed demon straight from the bowels of electric-powered hell.

Every Weped SS is crafted by hand and produced in low batches, which is why you don’t see more of them.

Speed-wise, Weped claim it can travel up to 55mph, which happens to be a lot faster than other e-scooters shown (looking at you, Apollo). Even its tires are made for kart racing, which tells you everything right there.

Did we mention that it only takes around 3-hours to charge too? You could say it’s one of the most powerful electric scooters available, but that would imply they’re in stock, and they usually aren’t.

It’s a white whale of an e-scooter that we hope to see more of in the future.

Kaabo Wolf King

Top Speed: 59.04mph (95.6kmh)

With a name like that, it’s no wonder the Kaboo Wolf King is considered one of the fastest electric scooters.

This powerful electric scooter will always raise comparisons with the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11, which is quite similar in every department, outside of top speed. The Wolf King can hit 59 mph (95.6 km/h), whereas the Wolf Warrior 11 comes in at 45 mph (72.5km/h).

Visually, the Wolf King looks like it belongs in the JCB family, with its yellow paint job and large lights. It’s a bulky e-scooter, but it pushes well beyond what you might think it’s capable of.

Its power comes from its 3000w motor. In terms of price, you’d be looking at paying around $3,000 (£2,100) for this e-scooter, which isn’t bad given how durable it is.

Dualtron X II

Top Speed: 68mph (109kmh)

A glorified powerhouse disguised as an e-scooter form.

The Dualtron X II is a new and improved upgrade from a 2019 version made by Dualtron Minimotors. Where the original Dualtron X was 60V, the sequel increases that to 72V, making it a very powerful electric scooter indeed.

You could actually play a board game on the deck here, given its girth. The size of this e-scooter, like the Wolf King, makes it very durable. How it’s able to hit speeds of 68mph is anyone’s guess.

The only downside to this fast electric scooter is how long it takes to charge. Around 8 hours is needed to go from flat to street-ready.

Powerful Electric Scooters Investigated

The word ‘powerful’ has multiple interpretations; it could mean anything.

However, when ranking the most powerful electric scooters out there, we looked at the max range per charge to define power in this instance. Performance over select ranges (in miles) to be specific.

Speed and power could be interchangeable, but you aren’t going to travel over 40mph every time you mount your scooter, are you? If you consider speed and power interchangeable, then congrats, the Rion RE90 is your most powerful electric scooter.

Below we’ve picked out three rides. Three powerful electric scooters that each excel in their own window as far as range is concerned.

E4TP’s 25 Mile Electric Scooter Pick: Turboant X7 Pro

Type: Short Range
Under/Over £500: Under

We’ve featured the Turboant X7 Pro on the site before, so it should come as no surprise that it’s getting another nod here.

This e-scooter can travel up to 30 miles with every charge, perfect for short distances.

It comes with cruise control and a pretty nifty LED display. Oh, and the battery is completely detachable, meaning you don’t have to heave this e-scooter into your front room to give it some juice.

Travelling short distances but want a powerful electric scooter to get you there? Check out the Turboant X7 Pro.

It’s very cheap compared to some of the other e-scooters shown, which will undoubtedly appeal to a lot of you reading this.

E4TP’s 40 Mile Electric Scooter Pick: Apollo Ghost

Type: Medium Range
Under/Over £500: Over

The Apollo Ghost is the brother of the Apollo Phantom mentioned above.

A younger brother, given the level of power this e-scooter has in comparison. For example, this e-scooter can only travel up to 34mph. It’s still impressive, just not as fast as the other spooky scooter mentioned.

Its 52V 18.2 Ah battery is as reliable as it is dynamic, allowing the Ghost to float for 39 miles total. According to reviews, you can get 4 years out of the Ghose before needing to upgrade/replace the battery.

Canadian manufacturer Apollo makes frighteningly good scooters. The Phantom might be one of the fastest electric scooters, but the Ghost takes the cake as the best medium-range ride.

E4TP’s 75 Mile Electric Scooter Pick: Wolf Warrior 11 Pro

Type: Long Range
Under/Over £500: Over

We know what you’re thinking. Another callback?

The Wolf Warrior 11 Pro has earned its spot; it’s a beast like the Wolf King.

Understand that with great power comes extra weight. So, yes, you’ll have more energy and travel farther distances, but charge times will lengthen.

The Wolf Warrior 11 Pro takes over 17 hours to charge fully. We’ll admit, this sounds long. But how long did you expect it to be? The Wolf Warrior can travel 75 miles on each charge; that power had to come from somewhere.

This wolf howls using a 60V 35Ah LG battery. A powerful electric scooter like this is well worth the money — if you can afford it.

What Can Affect the Range/Speed of Electric Scooters?

Many factors can limit how fast electric scooters can travel. For optimal speed/power, it’s recommended that you meet the weight requirements of each board.

You see, every electric skateboard has a max load. Exceeding that amount will drain the power out of each e-scooter faster, causing it to move slower. Heavier bikes tend to hold a lot more weight.

For example, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 Pro can hold 150 kg (23 st), whereas the Turboant X7 Pro can only handle 100 kg (15 st). Electric scooters tend to be upfront about max load, so finding a powerful electric scooter that fits your build shouldn’t prove too difficult.

Bumpy terrain also has a negative effect on your electric scooters power.

Flat surfaces are a breeze, but off-road and over cobbles can really slow you down — not to mention damage your e-scooter.

When it comes to the fastest electric scooters, you always want to be aware of the surface underneath you. Any bump or crack in the road can throw you off course and maybe cause an injury or two.

In other words, use common sense.

Keep your eye on the weather before taking an electric scooter outside.

Strong winds can really slow you down; the same goes for bouts of wet weather. In fact, some electric scooters aren’t waterproof, so you might want to avoid the rain like the plague to avoid breaking your electric scooter altogether.

To recap, the following can affect the power/speed of electric scooters:

  • The weight of the rider.
  • Road surface/terrain.
  • Harsh weather conditions.

Wrapping Up: Investigating The Most Powerful and Fastest Electric Scooters

Electric scooters have made a big impression since making their grand resurgence in recent years.

We remember riding some of the earliest e-scooters back when we were kids. Models that pale in comparison to the likes of the RE90 and Wolf King. None could hold a candle to the fastest electric scooters we’ve touched on in our investigation here.

E-scooters could be more popular than e-bikes; there, we said it. Think about it, electric scooters are a lot safer to ride and cheaper for the most part — as shown with the Turboant listed above.

With that said, if you’re looking for cheap electric scooters under £500, then be sure to check out our guide.

Fast and Powerful Electric Scooter FAQs

In this final section, we’ll be answering some of your frequently asked questions on powerful/fast electric scooters.

Feel free to hit us with a question on social media if you have something else to ask.

Why buy an electric scooter?

E-scooters are great situational modes of transport in that everyone uses them for different reasons. Some use them to commute to work, others, to travel far when on holiday. They’re also a lot safer to ride than an e-bike, in our opinion.

What is the fastest electric scooter in the world?

The Rion RE90 Racing Edition is currently the fastest electric scooter, hitting up to 80mph. It has the potential to travel a lot faster (100mph), only that would raise safety concerns.

What is the best cheap electric scooter?

Understand that you have a lot of options when it comes to cheap electric scooters. If we had to pick the best, we’d have to go with the Pure Air Pro Electric Scooter. It’s a reliable purchase with no right to be as good as it is for how much you pay.

Is it illegal to own an electric scooter in the UK?

It’s not illegal to own an e-scooter, but it is illegal to ride it out in public in the UK. You can only ride your scooter on private land. Rental scooters are 100% legal, which is why you’re seeing more of them occupy certain cities up and down the nation.

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