ID.8 Will Be Volkswagen’s New Full Size Electric SUV

Confirmed last week as part of Volkswagen’s ‘NEW AUTO’ strategy, the new ID.8 is sure to pick up where its predecessors left off.

Volkswagen shocked us all last week, announcing its plans to shift gears and focus as a software-oriented carmaker moving forwards.

Furthermore, Volkswagen is dabbling in autonomous driving tech and hopes to offer the first autonomous mobility service in Europe in 2025.

NEW AUTO is a multi-step approach that targets key areas for the German automaker. One of these steps involves crafting the next entry in its popular ID series.

Dr Herbert Diess, the Chairman of the Board of Management himself, confirmed it. The ID.8 will be a full-size electric SUV, hovering above the upcoming mid-size ID.6.

The ID.6, by the way, was named as a potential replacement to Volkswagen’s Passat models. In fact, the carmaker has said it will discontinue the Passat sedan once the 2022 model is released.

Given what we know, we would have to assume the ID.8 will have an all-wheel-drive powertrain coupled with a dual-motor setup.

It will be the largest ID model, so it would make sense to have supreme power/efficiency — similar to the Atlas SUV, only electric and with a few other perks.

For example, we wouldn’t be surprised if the ID.8 had a lot more cabin space and have around seven seats.

We say this as EVs tend to have more room to play with thanks to the minimal nature of electric platforms.

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Moreover, there is a proven track record of similar EVs that we can use as a rough guideline. The BMW iX and Audi e-tron are electric SUVs that showcase this perfectly.

In terms of technical spec, we don’t know, well, anything really. However, we do know the automaker is rethinking how it approaches battery cell technology (and platforms, in general).

The largest lithium-ion battery pack used at the moment (77 kWh) can be found in the ID.4, but the ID.8 will surely crank the power up to a higher level.

Visually speaking, the ID.8 should adopt some familiar features — features found in vehicles across the ID series.

Platform-wise, the ID.8 will almost definitely ride on VW’s universal MEB platform.

So, when can we expect the ID.8 to hit the road?

Judging by this NEW AUTO strategy, we won’t have to wait that long.

After all, the automaker is hellbent on reducing emissions, and an electric SUV of this calibre is sounding more and more like a potential flagship vehicle — driving the brand well into the future.

An ID.8 could dominate in the electric SUV market if it lives up to the hype. Could the ID.8 ship with autonomous driving features? We think so, but we want your take.

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