Hundreds Of Charging Points To Be Installed In Canterbury By 2025

Canterbury City Council has announced plans to install around 700 electric charge points in the district within the next four years. The authority will look to meet demand quickly. Currently, the number of electric charge points in the area stands at 38.

“I’m very happy with this. I think it does certainly cement our goals and ambitions. It feels ambitious in terms of the number of chargers we’re aiming for.”
— Ben Fitter-Harding Council Leader talking to Kent Online

Current figures shared by the council show a sharp rise in the number of zero-emission cars on roads by 2025, jumping from 450 to 9,000. There could be one socket for every 9 or so vehicles if everything goes to plan; music to the ears of electric car owners, no doubt.

Expect more locations to follow suit in the next few months/years

A surge of this kind could influence other areas to follow suit. After all, we’ve spoken about the current electric boom in electric transport many times, with electric cars leading the conversation.

The UK government’s current target is to phase out diesel/petrol cars from 2030 and beyond. Why is this happening? All-electric cars are 100% carbon neutral; hybrids, although part-electric, still require traditional fuel to run for the most part. looked at the cities with the most charging stations by evaluating the number of charging points per electric car. So which areas have the most electric charge points in the UK?

  • London is way ahead of every other area, offering 28.8 charging points per 100 vehicles.
  • Christchurch (Dorset) has the most charging stations outside of London with 85.5 stations per 100 vehicles.
  • The only area in the UK without a single charging station is Barrow-in-Furness in Cumbria.

Studies, like the one above, show the UK is slowly but surely catching up to the US as far as numbers are concerned. Although, President Joe Biden did announce plans to install 500,000 EV charging stations. In other words, more areas need to follow Canterbury’s lead and get installing.

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