HT Aero Reveals Exciting Flying Vehicle Demos For City Travel

Urban air mobility company HT Aero has just revealed “urban usage scenarios” for its fifth-generation flying vehicle in the XPeng X2. The aircraft is powered completely by electricity and can carry two passengers 130 kilometres per hour.

HT Aero Flying Car
The XPeng X2 is optimised for short-haul travel across wide cityscapes © Credit to HT Aero

The XPeng H2 Debut

HT Aero, a pioneering urban air mobility company out of China, has revealed more on its exciting electric aircraft, the XPeng X2 (the X2). XPeng are one of the company’s major investors, hence the name.

The company has unveiled what it calls “urban usage scenarios” for the X2, documenting autonomous flight takeoff and landing for varying scenarios, back-end scheduling, charging and flight control.

The X2 is an all-electric two-seater, taking advantage of a closed cockpit for the first time. It bears a striking resemblance to the XPeng P7 in that it has a very regal, if not elegant, feel.

Ideal, considering the clientele it will instantly attract when placed in a real-world setting.

The Fifth-Generation Flying Vehicle

Look past its sci-fi-like appearance, and you’ll how much of a big deal this electric aircraft could be.

The X2 features a robust, highly intelligent flight control system, the kind capable of autonomous flying. That’s right, mapping areas and route planning is all handled by this system directly.

Not to mention all-round real-time imaging and two-way real-time communications to ensure a safe yet hands-free experience.

It weighs 560 kilograms (minus the weight of those on board) and can cruise at 130 kilometres per hour max. The H2 was designed to fly under 1,000 meters, suitable for low-altitude urban flights.

Air Travel For The Short-Haul

In a graphic created by HT Aero, the H2 effectively navigates from the top apron of a CBD building to a residential building, connecting to airports and other transport hubs.

The range of the X2 is limited to 35 minutes per run, which might not seem like a lot, but it can cover a lot more ground than those, well, at ground level.

HT Aero has conducted more than 15,000 safe manned flights total, with its H2 representing the latest generation of eco-friendly birds.

It clearly sees the aircraft as a potential game-changer in the urban mobility market.

Multiple aircraft companies are working on similar eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) aircraft. Only none look as drone-like as the H2, so we’ll give HT Aero that.

Spectators will get a first glimpse at the X2 later today at the 13th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition (Airshow China 2021).

Impressive stuff, given how stacked the current lineup is for sustainable flight covering short distances. Let us know what you think of the H2 in the comments below.

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