How To Make Your Bike Look Like New Again

Does your bike look old as you’ve been using it for a long time? This is the proper time to renovate your old bike to give it a new look. The question is, how will you do this?

To give a showroom look to your bike, you need to clean your bike first; this trick can help you figure out the condition of every part.

Try to change the tires, spray polish on the frame for a fresh look, and clean the bottom brackets and cranks. Give extra attention to the cassette, worn chain, and cables too.

Through these simple tips, you can make your bike look new again. For further detailed information about bike maintenance and renovation, go through the article.

Bike Maintenance 101

There are many ways to make your bike look like new again, from simple fixes like washing it off or polishing the frame, to more advanced options like replacing a pedal or changing the tire.

If you are not an expert in this field, can help you out. You can get related tips and tricks to your bike issues. They share several biking experiences including renovation and repairing tips.

Rather here we’re offering some essential tips in this write-up to make your bike look new:

Clean Before You Start

To clean the frame, use regular soap or car shampoo with water. Then make sure there’s no dirt on your bike. The main reason to clean your bike is to distinguish between dirt and corrosion clearly.

If any minor dents are spots in the frame, remove them to make it look better. Before applying the polish, you should do this.

A bike locked up on a bar Your frame could do with a tune up

Renovate Frame

The frame is the main structure that holds the entire bike, so that any structural issue can create a catastrophic crash. Rust is the big enemy with your metal frames.

If there is a lot of rust around the welds, it’s not worth saving it. You will require a new one.

Rather than the rust is a bit, you can make a cheap paste that you can use on your frame. Add vinegar, and baking soda to a bowl, then put some lemon juice. Now apply the paste with a brush. Though it’s a low-cost way, it’s effective too.

You can use pre-waxed car polishing wipes to polish your bike frames. After that, polish it with bike frame polish and shop towels. When you do this to your bike, it’ll bring the frame up as well as improve the appearance.

You can search your local auto parts store or any online shop for wipes and disposable shop towels. If unsure, you can do this yourself, take your bike to a trained look.

Replace Tires

Over time tires and the tubes that hold the air between them can be dry and brittle. Sometimes you can’t see the cracks in the rubber pants because they form inside them first.

However, when the knobs are cracked or worn down, you’ll realise you’re changing the tires. Sometimes it can lead to blowing up. The tubes can be changed first instead of replacing the whole tire. It’ll approximately cost less than $10.

If your frame provides enough space, you can go for wider tires. It’ll offer you a smoother riding experience. When you have a cross-country bike, you can simply use 2.25-width tires.

Changing a tire by yourself can be tough, but this skill will help you when your tire punctures suddenly.

Replace Handle Grip Pads

Some parts of your bike are not designed to last forever, such as handle grip pads. If you leave them unused, they can corrode as well, as, for regular use, it can happen too.

You can examine your handle grips to determine your bike conditions. If you’re using old rubber grips, they can be sticky and gummy over the years.

Replace Rim Brake Pads

Some bikes use rim brakes in which you will find some pads too. They grab onto the sides of the wheel and stop it from turning.

Sometimes you need to change them with other pads as they seem powdery when they start to decompose. You need to spend less than $20 on new rim brake pads.

Replace Cables

Now it’s time for the brake cables, but don’t replace your bike cables unless they are sticking. However, you must ensure that the new cables are the same size and design.

Though some variations are available, choosing the perfect one is challenging too. During a full turn of the handlebars, some extra cable length will be available.

The loops don’t need to be too large because they won’t look professional. Now adjust the position of the cables, where they’ll clamp onto the brake callipers several times.

The other key thing you need to consider is the colour r of the cable tubing. You can select any colour that matches the other colour scheme of your bike, or you can even choose any different colours too.

After managing the brake cabling, now concentrate on the gear cabling. Installing the gear cable is not a big deal if you have old road bikes.

You’ll get the advantage of old-style ‘index-less’ shifting through this cable. It relies on friction holding the gear levers in a particular circumstance.

You’ll get a small metal piece with the cables; make sure you adjust it over the end of the cables.

They will protect and guard the ends of the cables against fraying. You need to clamp it tightly with some pliers, and thus these cables will terminate.

A close up of a bike chain Your bike chain might need changing

Replace Worn Chain

If you have installed front and rear sprockets and derailleur, now give some attention to the worn chain. As the chain is lubricated, it’ll be hard to manage, so you can get help from another person while setting this.

However, if you have chains with grease, you have to degrease them and re-lubricate your chains.

Use a hacksaw to remove the old chain and fit the new one around the sprocket, freewheel, and derailleurs. Once you have brought the ends together, you can measure their length. For this, you have to shorten the chain by a few links.

However, you’ll require a chain tool for this task which you’ll get from any bicycle shop. You need to turn the handle so that you can pin it against the chain pin’s side.

Put some pressure on it to push it away, which will allow the link to be removed. Removing this will take some time, but don’t worry about it. You can also try to fit the chain tool into a vice and hit the handle with a mallet.

This trick will help you to shift the chain pin. You don’t need to remove the pin thoroughly; try to push it to remove the link. Without this trick replacing or removing it will be much more tricky.

Through this procedure, you can remove as many links as you need for the proper length. Then you can utilise the chain tool again to reinstall the chain.

Bottom Bracket and Cranks

As the bearings are sealed into cups, you can’t clean them properly. Clean the bottom bracket and crank as well if you can.

First, remove the chain set from the frame and clean the bottom bracket shell along with the cups. After cleaning the bracket, the chain inside sets the axle and cup.

Before you resemble the chain sets axle and everything, make sure you put a light coating of grease for better results.

Maintain Cassette

Using a cassette cleaning tool, you can efficiently clean this part. It can dig out the dirt along with the grease with proper cleaning.

It can’t be done properly if you want to clean the cassette part with a tool. Without this toolbox, you can try an old blunt knife to clean the gaps between the cassette sprockets.

Spray Polish

Make sure you use spray polish when you want to give your bike a shiny look. Those spray polish will help you get rid of the patchy or dull look.

Don’t spray near the brake parts; just use it on the frame’s main tubes, such as the down tube, top tube as well as seat tube.

After cleaning the parts, spray a light coat, and you’ll see an amazing fresh look on your bike.

An image of a cycle lane at night Help is all around you

Don’t Hesitate To Ask For Help

Popular shops and service centres are full of customers at this time. So, getting a professional suggestion for your bike may sometimes get tough.

When you buy any new parts for your bike from the local shops, staff can help you through certain issues such as installations, renovation, home repair, and maintenance.

As we suggested before, when it’s an emergency, you can get help from Whatever bike you own, like touring bike, folding bike, BMX, cyclocross bike, or track bike, you can get tips and tricks from them.

Cost Of Overhauling A Bike

Depending on the area, the cost of overhauling a bike can differ. However, the average cost of a bike tune-up will be between $60 to $200.

Most automobile repair shops will offer two different options for minor and major tune-up. If you want some basic or minor tune-up, then they will charge $55 to $89.

On the other hand, if your bike needs any major tune-up, the shop can charge up to $119 to $150. However, if you’re thinking about your electric bike repair, it can cost a little bit more, like $200 to $400+.

How To Make Your Bike Look Like New Again

If you have a bike you’ve used for years, it’s time to renovate it. You can easily do this task and give a fresh look to your bike by yourself.

The alternative is to seek help from professionals if you have limited time. Your bike can be made into a brand new one by them.

If you sell your bike, there’s no need to functionally new it. Now you can comment below with any questions you have about your bike renovation or maintenance.

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