How To Get The Right Women’s Bike Sizes

Nowadays, there is no specific standard for sizing bicycles. What different brands and manufacturers talk about bike size is the size of the frame.

So, the terms ‘bike size’ and ‘frame size’ are used for referring to the size of bikes interchangeably. On top of that, different frame sizes are recommended for different brands and models. For these reasons, selecting the right size bike can be perplexing.

The speculation of getting a small and cute colour bike for a woman is long gone. Now, safety and comfort are the most important factors.

A wrong size bike can make you suffer from pain in your back, legs, and knees as well as injure your lady bits.

How To Get The Right Women’s Bike Sizes

Typically, the height of the rider determines the size of the bike. Use the measurement of your height and our charts to determine what size bike you should try.

If your height is too short to sit between the sizes according to our charts, do not be disheartened. There are many bike shops that offer bike fit services that can help you buy the best electric bike for short person.

Understanding Women’s Bike Measurements

A women’s bike sizing chart is best for knowing the size of the bike which is suitable for you. You will find different charts for different types of bikes.

For instance, the size chart for mountain bikes is different from the size chart for road bikes.

This should not bewilder you as long as you know which bike you want. Look out for the chart of the bike which you want to take to know the correct size.

Although it may seem that there is no difference between men’s bikes and women’s bikes, you should not take a men’s bike. Typically, men are taller than women.

Even if you are taller than a man, you should not use a men’s bike as a woman’s body is different from a men’s body. When you compare a man and a woman of the same height, you will notice that a man has shorter legs and a longer torso than a woman has.

Women’s Bike Size Charts

We have brought out some suggestions to help you determine the size of your bike. The size chart is arranged based on the height of the rider. So, you must use your height to know what size of bike you should get.

The first problem a woman faces when approaching a racing bicycle is finding an apt frame. As the anatomy of everybody is different, everybody’s fit requirement is different. For the past several years, many manufacturers have produced XXS size bikes. Now, we have variations depending on the structures of different riders.

Road Bikes Size

Road bike size specifications

Mountain Bike Size

Mountain bike size specifications

Cruiser Bike Size

Cruiser size specifications

BMX Bike Size

BMX spec size specifications

Hybrid Bike Size

Hybrid bike size specifications

Women cycling on a road

Things To Look Out For When Buying A Women’s Bike

Apart from the perfect size bike, there are a lot more considerations for ensuring a safe, comfortable and smooth journey. Whether you are planning for a bike race or commuting or sightseeing, take the following factors into account for buying a bike.

Shoulder Widths

Not just your legs but your arms and shoulders do a lot of work while riding a bicycle. So, you will be tired soon unless your arms and shoulders are not comfortable while riding.

If the handlebars are too close with respect to the width of your shoulder, your body and your shoulders will be uncomfortably constricted. On the contrary, if the width of the handlebars is too much in comparison to the width of your shoulder, you will have to put excessive strain to hold them.

This will cause pain in your shoulder as well as in your back.


A comfortable saddle is an important thing to consider for getting a bike. An uncomfortable saddle can hurt your soft parts and can injure your pelvic bones when you lean toward your handlebars.

With this in mind, some manufacturers produce wide saddles with a cut-out groove so that you feel comfortable no matter how long you ride. You can also add an extra pad to your saddle or get a bike with double-thickness seats for more comfort.

Hand Size

Your hand size should match up with the size of the handlebars to make the gripping easier. The distance between the brake levers and the handlebars is shorter and the handlebars are narrower in women’s bikes in comparison to men’s bikes.

This is because a woman naturally has smaller hands than a man. Hence, you can place your hands comfortably on the handlebars and need not move to use the brakes.

Reach (Bike Size)

What we mean by reach is the distance between the middle of the bike’s head tube and the centre of the bottom bracket. The reach will affect your sitting posture when you place your hands on the handlebars.

Furthermore, the stack is the distance between the top of the bike’s head tube and the centre of the bottom bracket. Use both stacks and reach to assess the size of the bike frame.

Leg Extension

Most people make a mistake in ignoring the importance of conveniences of the lower body part while placing the most value on the upper body. Just as your hands and arms do a lot of work so the legs and feet do the most strenuous work.

This is why you need to make sure that the saddle of the bike is at the right height to ease the leg extensions for cycling. A high saddle will make you hunch over the handlebars. So, we recommend taking a test run or if not possible doing peddling in the shop to buy the perfect bike for you.

How To Get The Right Women’s Bike Sizes

Since choosing the right size bike is full of confusion, we have brought out some size charts based on different types of bikes. So carefully look into our size charts to determine what size bike is ideal for you.

However, some bike manufacturers provide size charts on their own which might vary from other size charts. If the manufacturer of your preferred bicycle has its own size chart, follow it.

You can also take help from a professional bike fitting service in determining the ideal bike size.

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