How To Find The Right Electric Ladies Bike For You

Since childhood, many of us have been riding bikes for both leisure and as a greener transport solution. During the past year of lockdowns, cycling has become so popular that many bike shops have reported low or no stock. You could say that the electric ladies bike category is going through somewhat of a boom at the moment.

New innovations in electric bikes – such as the Swytch Kit, which we previously reported on – have made cycling more accessible than ever. The Swytch Kit is a cost-effective, low-commitment way to convert an existing pedal bike into an electric-assisted bike.

However, if you are ready to invest in an electric bike, there are a variety of options on the market. All very different when it comes to price.

If you’re looking for an electric ladies bike, then you’ve come to the right place.

Consider this a guide for beginners, and a reminder of sorts for buyers who need it.

How Do Electric Bikes Work?

An electric bike is an energy-efficient alternative to driving and a more inclusive mode of transport for older or less mobile individuals who still love to cycle but struggle with the more strenuous aspects of it.

The electric bike is essentially a pedal bike, but with three specific additions: the battery, the sensor, and the motor. This is how they work:

Electric Bike Batteries

The battery powers the motor and sensor.

This can be located in various places on an electric bike, depending on the frame. It is easily charged using a standard wall-socket charger, like a phone or other chargeable device.

Simply ensure the battery is switched off, then you can either plug it directly into the wall from the bike or remove it to plug it in.

It is recommended that you remove the battery when you park your bike both for security and longevity of battery life. If you are storing the battery for long periods of time without usage, it is recommended to store the battery at around 60% charge rather than full or empty.

Sensor Monitors

The sensor monitors two factors during the ride: the speed and the torque. The maximum speed the motor will currently assist to in the UK is 25km/h.

The torque informs the motor how much assistance is needed to match the pedal movement of the rider. You’ll normally find sensor monitors in the bottom bracket of the bike, near the pedals.

Some electric ladies bikes have the sensor within the motor itself for added functionality.

E-bikes would be nowhere without sensor monitors (literally).

E-Bike Motors

The motor kicks in as soon as you start pedalling and provides the ride assistance dependent on the sensor readings.

For example, say you’re riding an electric ladies bike to work. To activate the motor you’d need to begin peddling as normal as it monitors speed and adjusts accordingly.

E-bikes aren’t like electric cars in that they can just drive from a stationary position. No, they need a push start, so to speak.

It is best to use the motor at eco or medium power for prolonged battery life — using the motor at full power will simply drain the battery faster.

What’s the Difference Between Ladies’ Bikes and Men’s Bikes?

In short, the answer is the frame.

Thankfully, most bike manufacturers have moved away from prioritising the outdated stereotyping of aesthetic ideals over performance. Previously, ladies’ bikes were lighter and ‘prettier’ at the expense of good materials and high-quality construction.

These days, however, ladies bikes are designed to the same quality and performance indicators as men’s bikes. Still, they are a better fit for the average proportions of a woman.

Typically, women are shorter than men, so the size of the ‘stack’, which is the height from the bottom of the metal frame to the base of the seat, is designed to account for this.

Additionally, women tend to have shorter torsos, so the ‘reach’ from the seat to the handlebars is also shorter.

However, bodily proportion is subjective, so for some, a unisex or even a men’s design may be more appropriate – it is simply a case of finding the size and proportion best suited to your needs.

Furthermore, an increasing number of bike manufacturers have stopped specifying gender-specific designs and instead allow for multiple sizes and component alterations or replacements.

In other words, most rides could be considered an electric ladies bike, depending on your outlook.

How do I make sure the bike is right for me?

As well as being conscious of the proportions of the frame, other elements can be adjusted to ensure your bike is the perfect fit for you and will deliver the highest performance for the purpose you require.

If you go to a specialist bike shop, like one of the shops we highlighted in our previously published guidance, their experts will be able to offer knowledgeable support and recommendations as part of your sales experience.

Regarding the components of the previously highlighted ‘reach’ measurement, both the stem and bar of the handlebar play a part in your comfort on the bike.

The stem dictates the reach, while the bar can cause sore shoulders if it is not correctly proportioned. Women, in general, have narrower shoulders than men, so a narrower bar should limit any potential shoulder discomfort.

Also, on the handlebar, the brake levers can factor into the comfortability of a ride depending on their width and responsiveness.

Depending on hand-span, which, again, in women is often smaller, brake levers can be adjusted or swapped out for shorter ones. It is also worth bearing in mind the greater weight of an electric bike when considering breaking time, force and distance.

In addition, the bike’s suspension can be adjusted to suit the weight of the rider – again, generalising, women are often lighter.

This also depends on the purpose of the bike – if it is for commuting in a city, suspension is not as high a consideration as using a bike for high adrenalin activities such as mountain biking or off-roading, which involve a lot more uneven surfaces.

Finally, and probably the most obvious comfort factor in cycling, the seat can easily be replaced on any bike to suit comfort, aesthetic and purpose.

For women, it is reported that a wider and shorter seat is preferred. However, narrower seats tend to accommodate a more intense peddling motion.

Bike shops carry a wide variety of seats in different materials, sizes, shapes, and patterns, so this element, while important, should not necessarily dictate the frame decision as it is easily replaced.

The Best Electric Ladies Bikes for Commuting

There are several factors to consider when looking into electric bikes for commuting – the size and weight being key components as commuting can involve carrying your bike onto public transport or into storage facilities and storing your bike in limited space.

In addition, if you use multiple modes of transport, such as buses or trains to commute, as well as your bike, a foldable electric bike may be a suitable investment for your circumstances.

E4TP’s Best Budget Bike: Electric Assistance Folding Bike BTWIN TILT 500

Price: £850
Weight: 18.6kg/ 41lbs

While this bike is considered heavy for a commuting bike and somewhat cumbersome when folded, for the affordability, it offers a wealth of useful features and exceptional performance of 20-35km, depending on mode and condition, in a single charge, making it a reliable environmentally-friendly transport solution for commuting.

This compact, one-size-fits-all bike fits in the back of most cars or can be fitted to a bike rack for weekend or holiday jaunts. It comes in multiple design options and can be folded or assembled in just 15 seconds.

The electric front and backlights are controlled via the control panel on the handlebar, and the six-speed gears are changed manually via the grip shifter, also on the handlebar.

While a number of features – including gears, brakes and wheels – may be more basic than those of its expensive peers, this bike still delivers the necessary features for an efficient and comfortable commute.

E4TP’s Below-The-Budget Bike: Hummingbird Electric Bike Gen 2.0

Price: £4995
Weight: 10.3kg/ 22.7lbs

This fully customisable bike features an ultra-light aluminium frame in multiple colour options, a 250Wh motor and built-in battery that powers up to 50km of cycling on a single charge.

The Gen 2.0 features a remote control on the handlebar to change settings on-demand and even has a ‘boost’ feature to power up those steep hills.

The bike is compatible with the Bitride app, which allows you to customise ride settings and review journeys, including speed and power usage via Bluetooth.

The Best Electric Ladies Bikes for Leisure

Cycling for leisure covers a number of different circumstances – whether that is cycling to a friend’s house, popping out to the shops for some groceries, engaging in fast-paced road racing or embarking on a cycling holiday covering hundreds of miles over different terrains and surfaces.

This category is the broadest in terms of requirements and really depends on your expected usage.

E4TP’s Best Road Bike: Canyon Grail:ON CF 7 WMN

Price: £4999
Weight: 17.1kg/ 37.7lbs

Designed specifically for women, this electric bike is bursting with technical features to make road racing and off-road cycling exhilarating while remaining as comfortable as possible.

Reviews of this bike highlight its ease of assembly, and the powerful motor enables hill-cycling and trail rides of up to 150km with ease.

The handlebar features an elastomer gel component for optimum comfort, and the carbon frame sits on 27.5″ wheels which enable speed and exceptional control over gravel, road and off-road surfaces.

The 500Wh battery and Bosch Performance Line motor make the Grail:ON ladies electric bike an excellent option for those who love to cycle at speed across different surfaces for leisure or sport.

E4TP’s Best Bike For Errands: Yuba Electric Boda Boda

Price: £2700
Weight: 27kg/ 59.5lbs

The ultimate electric bike for running errands or cycling around the city or countryside – this Boda Boda bike is designed around the traditional African taxi and can carry a payload of up to 100kg with ease, made even easier with the Shimano Steps e600 motor and 418 Wh battery for pedal assistance.

With space for passengers including two children or a fitted baby carrier, bike satchels and a bread basket – or any number of combinations of the available accessories – this bike offers features to facilitate any errand at all.

The technical specifications also include 26″ wheels and an aluminium frame in aqua or sandstone for a chic look with optimum function. It’s no wonder this highly sought-after bike is sold out in most places, so get in quick with your local bike shop or consider another of the Yuba range.

The best electric ladies bikes for mountain biking

For specific activities like mountain biking or off-road cycling, these bikes can often be the most straightforward to choose from, albeit the most expensive, as their frames and accessories are purpose-built to accommodate the nuances of these activities.

These bikes can also be easily customised for optimum rider comfort to accommodate jumps, bumps, uneven surfaces and other factors of these adrenalin-pumping activities.

E4TP’s Extreme Performance Lades Electric Bike: Embolden E+ 1 Electric Bike

Price: £3799
Weight: 23kg/ 50.7lbs

Another frame specifically designed for women’s comfort, this high-powered sports bike packs a punch with an aluminium frame and 29″ wheelset, featuring a SyncDrive Sport motor and EnergyPak 625W battery for up to 200km of motor power on a single charge.

New for 2021, the E+1 electric ladies bike features front suspension of 130mm and rear suspension of 120mm, so you can be assured of an exhilarating ride spurred on by the powerful motor.

With the RideControlONE panel mounted to the handlebar for optimum motor control and Smart Assist Technology to optimise your ride, you can take your performance to the next level, and with the sleek design and FlexPoint Suspension, you will be cycling over trails in comfort and style.

E4TP’s Best For First Timers Ladies Electric Bike: Rockrider 27.5″ Electric Mountain Bike E-ST 500 V2

Price: £1200

A budget bike is not easy to come by in this category. Still, this option from Decathlon offers all of the desirable components in an electric mountain bike at the most affordable price on the market.

Say hello to the E-ST electric ladies bike.

With an aluminium frame and 27.5″ wheels, the Rockrider is powered by a 420Wh battery and 42Nm torque motor for extreme sports performance.

You can also monitor your ride on the discreet LCD screen located on the handlebar, with features including a stopwatch, current, average and maximum speed, distance covered, battery level and more.

Reviews for this bike highlighted certain flaws, including the weight being slightly more than expected, but on the whole, given the price, this bike has been positively received by most and is well priced for the power and features provided.

In Short: How to Find the Right Electric Ladies Bike for You

With a return to office work and socialising back on the cards, cycling is once again becoming a popular means of low-cost, energy-efficient transport, as well as an increasingly widespread hobby.

We hope you learned something today, or have inspired you to find a ladies electric bike that works for you; perhaps one of our picks are to your liking?

Remember, if you’re going to look for these bikes on your own, you should always look at applicable options. In other words, try not to buy the first ladies e-bike you see because it’s visually appealing. Every e-bike looks good; it’s how it performs that separates the good options from the bad ones.

Choose your ideal ladies electric bike and enjoy a greener mode of transport that saves those leg muscles.

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