How Much Is An Electric Skateboard UK? Our Best Finds!

Have you thought of stepping on an electric skateboard and seeing where that takes you?

You won’t be able to do as many kickflips or ollie’s, but they can take you from one area to the next in a flash.

Odds are you’ve probably seen motorised skateboards in action already. YouTuber Casey Neistat has popularised the Boosted Board, and that’s without mentioning those who’ve already ditched their worn down longboard for an electric alternative.

You see, many have already made the jump and are traversing cityscapes in their own unique way; some are a lot cheaper than electric bikes/e-scooters too, which should appeal to those of you reading this on a budget.

We’ll be covering quite a range of electric boards here — which includes the popular Meepo V3.

Know that the electric longboards/mini-boards standard-boards mentioned here will apply to UK buyers specifically. However, most of what we’ll be covering is available in other countries. You also have the option of importing (if the company/your country of origin allows it).

New to the concept of a motorised skateboard? No problem; you’ll find our buyers guide more than helpful later on.

Electric Skateboard UK: Our Best Finds

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from searching for the best electric skateboard UK, it’s this: your options are seemingly limitless as long as you have around £300 on average to spend.

Unlike other electric rides, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get moving.

That being said, price does equate to better quality the higher it goes.

We’ve scoured the internet to find the best electric longboards on the market, each showcasing something different to give you plenty of options.

Let us know if you find exactly what you’re looking for by checking us out on social media.

Now, let’s take a look at some motorised skateboards.

Meepo V3 E Skateboard An electric longboard like this should be considered essential

Meepo V3: The Essential Electric Longboard For Zooming

We’ll begin by looking at a popular electric longboard — arguably the most popular in the UK market at the moment.

There are multiple Meepo electric skateboards to choose from, but we’ve gone with the Meepo V3.

Why this board over the others?

Because you can currently pick this electric longboard up for £289.89 from the official Meepo website as of this writing, on top of all the additional benefits that come from owning a board like this.

Meepo says it’s “the best-selling Meepo board for both beginners and experiences e-skaters,” and we believe them, given what we’ve seen and the number of positive reviews championing this e skateboard online.

E Skateboard Tech Spec

From a technical level, the Meepo V3 is pretty impressive.

It features two 540w hub motors and takes around three hours or so to charge.

And to top it all off, the Meepo V3 comes with regenerative braking (22%), which only adds to the appeal as it extends the range as you’re riding it.

Buyers will have one of two options when it comes to the Meepo V3. There’s the standard 11-mile (standard range) version, and a superior 20-mile version (extended range) that will give you a lot more room to play with.

Understand that the extended range version is nearly double the price of the standard version. Range is important to any electric ride, so you might want to stop and consider which is more important before you decide.

Oh, and top speed of the Meet V3 is set at 28mph, for those wondering.

E4TP Says

We can see now why the Meepo V3 is such a fan favourite. It’s cost-effective and has plenty of oomph behind it to get you places with little to no fuss. If you prefer mini boards, check out the Meepo Mini 2.


  • Cheaper than most electric skateboards
  • Regenerative braking for added range
  • Extended range version


  • Standard range version can be limiting
  • Hadean Bamboo Street Electric Skateboard The Hadean here can cover 40 miles on each charge

    Hadean (Bamboo Street): An All-Round Beast Of A Board

    The Hadean Bamboo Street electric longboard is almost like the direct opposite of the Meepo V3 in that it’s a lot more expensive, but its range/speed is unbelievable.

    Trust us, if you’re looking for power, this is the board to buy; forget all the rest.

    It’s the board that was built “for those who want more,” promising a top speed of 50kph (around 31mph) and electric range that will take you 65kms (40 miles) on each charge.

    Like other electric longboards mentioned here, buyers will have multiple options to pick and choose from. We’ve gone for the Bamboo Street version as it stands out, but there is a carbon fibre version that shares the exact same price.

    There’s also an All Terrain and 2-in-1 version of the Hadean that could be more to your liking.

    Speaking of price, an electric skateboard of this kind will set you back something fierce (£2,049). However, you can set up a payment plan if you’d rather pay it off in instalments.

    E Skateboard Tech Spec

    Let’s talk spec.

    The Hadean is completely decked out. It features dual 3000w-rated 5358 custom brushless sensored motors, a 43.2V battery (one that takes between 3.5-4 hours to charge fully), and front/rear LED lights.

    Deck length is pretty decent, too (101cm), giving taller riders a lot more leeway.

    Easily one of the best things about the Hadean is that it grips urban areas like it’s nothing, giving you total control at all times. Asphalt, concrete roads and footpaths won’t know what hit them.

    Like the Meepo V3, the Hadean comes with regenerative braking for additional range.

    E4TP Says

    Everything we know about this electric skateboard tells us one thing: it’s the king of the mountain as far as power goes. You won’t find a stronger electric longboard, even if you tried. The only thing that lets it down is its price, which was always to be expected.


    • 40 miles of range per charge
    • Great bamboo built
    • Robust as hell


    • High price point

    Boosted Mini X Skateboard An electric penny board made by one of the best companies in the market

    Boosted Mini X: Mans Best (E Skateboard) Friend

    Boosted, the company many believe to be the catalyst in this latest wave of electric boards. The company mainly sell boards out of the States, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your hands on one if you’re a resident of the UK.

    We’ve chosen the Boosted Mini X out of the companies stellar inventory of boards — an inventory that actually includes electric scooters too.

    The Boosted Mini X satisfies so many requirements in one compact package.

    This electric skateboard with remote simulates the feeling of drifting in real-time thanks to its kick trail design. In other words, the board allows for 90° turns and quick pivoting in close quarters — ergo floating.

    It might lack in the speed department (20mph tops) compared to some of the other electric skateboards mentioned already. Just remember, it’s a mini-board; they aren’t made to be as powerful as an electric longboard.

    E Skateboard Tech Spec

    Small but mighty is one way you could describe this e skateboard for those not in the loop.

    We say this because the Boosted Mini X has an extended range of 14 miles and can tackle some hills with ease (up to 20% gradient).

    It only takes 105 minutes to charge this electric mini-board, which is impressive and will no doubt appeal to some of you reading this.

    And if you aren’t satisfied with the Boosted Mini X, most sites give you full 12-month coverage via warranty.

    The board itself is durable, thanks to a custom-designed composite deck. It’s also a light electric skateboard, as is the case with most mini boards, despite it having electric parts.

    E4TP Says

    Basically, it’s a stash-and-go type board, one you can take with you just about everywhere. Boosted is a revered name in the e skateboarding scene, too, so you know you’re buying quality. Did we mention it features custom 80mm wheels built for maximum grippage?


    • Tackles most hills with ease
    • Custom-built 80mm wheels
    • Lightweight for easy transport


    • Tends to be sold out a lot

    Caroma Electric Skateboard A classic board with a low price point, what’s not to love?

    Caroma Electric Skateboard: One Of The Cheapest Electric Longboards

    Unlike other electric skateboards we’ve touched on, this board from Caroma sports that classic look, complete with a unique print found on the deck.

    Moreover, the Caroma electric skateboard comes in three colours depending on style preferences (we lean more towards the orange).

    It’s also one of the cheapest electric skateboards on the market right now, which comes with positives and negatives, as you can probably imagine.

    So, how much is this electric skateboard?

    Right now, you can pick up this Caroma board for £159.99. Yes, it’s the cheapest electric skateboard here, but it does have its limitations.

    Some online reviews we’ve seen mention its limited battery life and poor design. Still, we’ve chosen to include it here as you might have a different experience with it.

    And it answers the popular question of: “what is the cheapest electric skateboard UK?”

    E Skateboard Tech Spec

    Tech-wise, the Caroma board uses a single 350w motor for a maximum speed of up to 20 km/h and a range of 8 to 15 miles on a single charge. The Caroma utilises a 29.4V 2000mAh battery which takes around two hours to charge fully.

    The wireless remote control it comes with is pretty nifty, giving riders the ability to switch between one of three riding modes (low, medium and high). You can also control the lighting from this electric skateboard remote.

    Those of you left unsatisfied with the Caroma will be happy to know it comes with a one year warranty. After all, its batteries are known for being quite shifty.

    E4TP Says

    Again, this board won’t live up to the expectations of most. Still, if you’re only planning on travelling short distances and have a minimal budget, then this Caroma board might be for you. Like with anything in life: you pay more, you get more (this extends to assisted skateboards).


    • Comes with a warranty
    • Is comfortable to ride
    • Very cheap to buy


    • Limited range/power

    Surfwheel SU/HX Skateboard A glorified balance-beam: you up for the challenge?

    Surfwheel SU/HX: The Ultimate Balancing Act

    A constant balancing act; meet the Surfwheel SU/HX, a one-wheel skateboard with electric properties.

    It might look like a Segway, but no, this is a motorised skateboard, and it will take some getting used to if you’ve only ever taken a ride on a board with four wheels prior.

    Like the previous e skateboard on our list, the SU/HX is one of the cheaper options you have available at this moment in time if you’re from the UK. It currently sits at the £200 mark, which might surprise some of you.

    Riding the SU/HX is probably the closest you’ll get to surfing on land, although the manufacturer doesn’t recommend you ride over mud, dirt, rocks, sand, hills, ice or snow, which kinda limits you to urban areas.

    It is app-enabled, too — a hallmark of most electric skateboards.

    E Skateboard Tech Spec

    There isn’t a lot to say when it comes to the tech spec of this electric skateboard, as it’s kinda one of those “what you see is what you get” sort of deals.

    Speed-wise, riders can travel up to 12mph max on this motorised one wheel skateboard.

    It does come with a flashy LED light that runs around the outskirts of the board, which look pretty cool, to be completely honest.

    There is a Safety Wheels version of the Surfwheel SU/HX if you’re looking for something a little safer. This version hugs the ground a little better, making it less of a balancing act when you’re on top.

    E4TP Says

    An electric skateboard like this has a very niche appeal and will more than likely attract a Segway crowd. Go figure. Still, you can’t deny it’s different (in a good way). If you’re up for a decent challenge, choose the SU/HX One. Just don’t expect it to travel far between charges.


    • Lightweight for an easy carry
    • Is fun to ride in urban areas
    • Quite cheap


    • Requires a certain skill level

    Electric Skateboard UK Buyers Guide

    Now that you know the type of motorised skateboards are out there, it’s time to look at some simple tips/tricks that will help you find the right board for you and you alone.

    Lucky for you, there are many electric skateboards out there. You don’t have to pick one of the boards mentioned above — those are simply our picks.

    We begin every buyers guide by asking you one straightforward question: “why are you buying?”

    The answer to this question should allow you to eliminate some electric skateboards from your maybe list and highlight those that fit your specifications.

    It’s easy to pick the first electric skateboard you see, but you need to take your time with this process or risk paying quite a lot of money for something that will only gather dust.

    If you’re looking for a transporter — aka, an e skateboard for commuting — then you’ll probably want to look at an electric longboard. Longer boards tend to offer better range and control on roads/surfaces — as proven with the Hadean (Bamboo Street).

    Furthermore, work out how much money you’re willing to spend on a motorised skateboard first. This will provide you with the perfect starting point if you’re struggling.

    When looking at electric skateboards, consider all of the following:

    • What type of board is it (mini, standard, long)?
    • How long does it take to charge this electric skateboard?
    • How fast can it go, and how far can it travel per charge?
    • Does it come with a warranty? If so, how long does it cover you?

    Do all that, and you’ll find the perfect motorised skateboard guaranteed.

    How Long It Takes to Charge An Electric Skateboard is Kinda Important

    Like electric bikes and electric scooters, the stronger the battery, the longer it will then take to charge your e skateboard.

    Some of these boards can take up to six hours to fill, which is a very long time — unless you’re leaving it on to charge overnight.

    If you’re planning on using your electric skateboard often, then you’ll probably want to find one that charges in around three hours tops (this tends to be an average time for most).

    Powerful electric longboards tend to take longer than others, so be warned.

    Electric penny boards, on the other hand, don’t take that long at all, meaning you can get outside a lot quicker.

    How do I charge an electric skateboard?

    Simple, you plug it into a standard wall socket. Oh, and make sure you keep it away from other wires and whatnot (for obvious reasons).

    Consider How Fast/Far an Electric Skateboard Can Go

    Electric range of any expensive purchase should always be considered.

    After all, if you’re buying an e skateboard for commuting, you’ll probably want something with a fair amount of power behind it. Then again, these boards do have limited range compared to electric bikes.

    Speed tends to cap out at the 20mph mark on average, so you won’t be breaking the speed of sound anytime soon.

    Still, you’ll want something that gets you over the line and satisfies your interest.

    Don’t settle for the cheapest board just because it’s cheap.

    Do your research, watch videos on YouTube of the electric skateboard in action, and make an educated decision.

    We’d recommend reading reviews of some e-boards as they tend to over-exaggerate in the range/speed department. Electric skateboards from reputable companies tend to deliver as expected, but you can never be too sure.

    Making sure there’s a warranty attached to the purchase is the best way to go.

    The longer the warranty, the better, as replacing an electric skateboard battery can be an expensive process (nearly as expensive as purchasing the board outright in some cases.

    Our Take: Electric Longboards Are Better Than Mini-Boards

    Is it a controversial opinion to think that an electric longboard is better than its mini counterparts?

    We don’t think so, then again, electric penny boards are easier to store and lug around with you.

    Mini e skateboards are a hell of a lot of fun; don’t get it twisted. We just like having some additional foot room to play with if we’re not generating the power to move. Does that make sense?

    If you’re shorter than the average person (or a teenager, for example), you might find a mini-board better, which is fair play.

    Don’t forget about standard boards either. These types tend to bridge the gap between the electric penny board and the electric longboard.

    They’re also what most think of whenever a skateboard is mentioned.

    Electric Skateboard Close-Up Your electric skateboard options are kinda unlimited at the moment

    How Much Is An Electric Skateboard UK? Our Best Finds!

    And that pretty much covers it.

    Did you find the electric skateboard you were looking for? Or at least have the confidence to go off on your own thanks to our buyers guide?

    One thing’s for sure, electric skateboards continue to grow in popularity amongst UK buyers, and the world at large if we’re talking grand scale.

    They aren’t nearly as popular as electric scooters for obvious reasons but they’re getting there.

    Skateboards tend to require a lot better balance and overall skill; it’s partly what makes them so fun despite scooters hogging the limelight.

    Still, companies like Boosted and Meepo aren’t complaining. Both are taking over the entire electric skateboard game and show no signs of slowing down.

    UK buyers, now has never been a better time to own a motorised skateboard.

    Let that be the biggest takeaway from this post.

    Remember Guys: Most aren’t built for tricks. Stick to your standard non-electric board if you want to bust out a grind/kickflip.

    Electric Skateboard FAQs

    Are electric skateboards legal in the UK?

    Short answer: no, electric skateboards aren’t legal in the UK, unfortunately. Government guidelines rope electric skateboards in with e-scooters, considering them borderline motor vehicles. If caught, you could face a fine or receive penalty points on your licence, amongst other consequences.

    Are electric skateboards cheap?

    Some motorised skateboards are cheap, sure. As shown above, you can find a decent e-board from £200 and under. However, if you want a ride that lasts, you might want to save a little more and look at the Meepo V3.

    What is the best electric skateboard UK?

    In our opinion, the best electric skateboard available in the UK is a toss-up between the Hadean (Bamboo Street) and the Mini Boosted board. Both couldn’t be any different from one another given the size difference. Still, these come to mind when talking about the ‘best electric skateboard UK.’

    Can I buy a Boosted skateboard in the UK?

    Yes, you can totally buy a Boosted skateboard if you’re a resident of the UK. You just need to find the right website as most are US only. Again, it is illegal to ride electric skateboards in the UK, so buy these boards at your own risk.

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