The Hot Wheels R/C Cybertruck Sold Out Almost Instantly

You’ve heard of Teslas Cybertruck, but have you heard of the miniature version making headway in the cool gadget/collectable department?

The Tesla Cybertruck was called a toy by critics when first revealed to the world.

But this, this takes it a step further.

Hot Wheels, the brand famous for its miniature rides, launched a 1:10 scale remote control Cybertruck on Friday, and it sold out almost instantly.

We know what you’re thinking, and no, it isn’t just a ‘toy.’ The r/c Cybertruck was sold by Mattel Creations, who make true-to-the-original collector’s items. Honestly, you’d think someone took a shrinking ray and zapped the highly anticipated truck with it.

“The Cybertruck has functioning headlights and taillights for super cool effects and can reach speeds up to 12 mph leaving its opponents in the dust.”
— Mattel Creations

Last year, the hot toy brand sold another 1:10 scale version of the infamous truck. However, this time around, a remote control Cyberquad was added to the bundle.

You can actually put the Cyberquad in the open truck bed for safekeeping. Or to give it a free ride. The crazy thing is, we can totally see this Cyberquad becoming a thing in the future.

Imagine that.

Hot Wheels has also released a 1:64 version in the past, which, as you guessed it, sold out quicker than we can say: Tesla no longer accepts Crypto.

© Credit to Hot Wheels

Speaking of Tesla and sought-after collectables, last month, we covered Mattel’s Drive Toward a Better Future roadmap. In short, Mattel hopes to use recycled materials by 2030 in both their packaging and products.

Prepare yourself as re-sale prices are going to be pretty steep

The r/c Cybertrucks sold on the Mattel Creations site went for $100 (£70).

Expect this price to jump tenfold when eBay gets involved. After all, 2020 versions of the 1:10 Cybertruck are selling for £950 and above.

In other words: you might want to re-mortgage your house now.

Buyers were limited to one product per purchase, but there will always be those who abuse this system for financial gain. In fact, 2021 versions of the remote control Cybertruck have already appeared on re-sale sites.

We’ll keep you updated if another r/c Cybertruck launch is announced, but for now, you’ll just have to wait like the rest of us.

Curse you scalpers.

Did you manage to pick up an r/c Cybertruck last week? If so, can we have a go when it arrives? We promise we’ll give it back…

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