Honda Trademark Hints at ‘Motocompacto’ Return?

Could this classic be making a comeback? A recent trademark suggests it is.

Honda Motocompacto parked on a road
Honda’s mini two-wheeler was all the rage back in the 80s

Everyone has their bucket list of vehicles and transporters, you know, the rides they wish they owned from the past and present.

Well, one of those vehicles for me is Honda’s Motocompo, a small gas-powered motorcycle designed to fit in the trunk of a small car and give drivers a way to navigate from the car to their chosen destination.

Think of it as a sort of dingy for cars.

The original Motocompo may have only lasted two years (1981 to 1983), but the popularity of the vehicle and its concept has only grown with time.

Back then, only 50,000 were produced, making them somewhat expensive to buy if you’re looking to buy one (trust me, I’ve looked).

My search might be coming to an end with news that Honda has filed a trademark for a “Motocompacto,” which hints at a potential return of the two-wheeler.

With every manufacturer going electric — not to mention the ever-growing popularity of personal electric transporters — it’s more than likely that a new version of the Motocompo will leave its gas-powered roots in the past.

Electrifying the transporter would simplify the process alongside a range of additional benefits. For example, imagine a scenario where you can charge this transporter in the boot of your vehicle as you drive.

This isn’t the first time that a trademark relating to the Motocompo was filed. In July 2020, Honda filed a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the exact same term.

The updated request consists of two trademarks in particular, this time with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. One trademark is for alternative spellings of “Motocompacto” and “Moto Compacto.”

It also described the trademarks as relating to “Goods: Land vehicles, namely, self-balancing electric scooters; electrically-powered motor scooters.”

The other application included a logo design for the trademark, consisting of a compact-looking scooter.

Honda has plans to release 10 new electric motorbikes and scooters by 2025. Could the reworked Motocompo be part of this collection?

I certainly hope so, I’ve got a bucket list to fill!

Hearing about this trademark put a massive smile on my face. Do you think the Motocompo will make an electric return, or am I getting excited over nothing?

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