Honda To Switch Gears, Making Only EVs By 2040

Honda is the first of Japan’s automakers to take the electric pledge.

  • Honda will stop selling internal combustion-engined vehicles after 2040.
  • Motorcycles will receive an electric makeover as part of this sustainable strategy.
  • Honda could form alliances with other companies if necessary.

Honda has officially stated it will phase out sales of combustion-engined vehicles completely, giving themselves a 2040 window to do it in.

This announcement aligns perfectly with Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga‘s carbon-neutral roadmap. Those who make significant changes before 2050 could take a large percentage of the market share if EVs are as popular as expected.

Honda has already gotten the electric ball rolling. Last year they partnered with General Motors to build EVs in Mexico and Tennessee.

Moreover, the popular automaker will be looking at electric motorcycles. The plan is to unveil three new electric bikes by 2025 alongside ten new electric cars.

According to Bloomberg, Honda sells around 15 million two-wheelers a year compared to 4.5 million cars, despite representing around 14% of total revenue.

In other words, they’d be crazy not to consider a range of electric motorbikes if they’re going to head in this eco-friendly direction.

In fact, they’ve already formed an alliance with Yamaha Motor Co., KTM AG and Piaggio & C SpA to work on e-motorbike tech — swappable battery standards, to be precise.

Furthermore, Toshihiro Mibe, the new CEO of Honda, has not ruled out the potential of working with other interested parties “if necessary.”

Meanwhile, Toyota — one of the last big-named automakers to take the pledge — says it’s far too early to focus on electric cars only and are yet to budge.

Earlier this week, Audi made a similar pledge of its own with plans to phase out combustion engines by 2033.

Seriously, we can name the automakers yet to make an EV pledge announcement on one hand at this point. What type of EVs would you like to see from Honda?

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