Great White North: X Shore Gets A Canadian Distributor

Dubbed the “Tesla of the sea,” X Shore continues to build momentum in the sustainable boat market.

Swedish startup X Shore has been dazzling spectators with its Eelex 8000 for quite a while now, and with good reason.

And now the prized boatmaker has anchored in Canada, inking a deal with BCI Marine, allowing Canadians to book test drives and/or pre-order the all-electric showboat that is the Eelex 8000.

“We aim to enhance our industry’s image and to revive the unbridled joy of pleasure-boating while remaining mindful of the environment. … it is a great honour for us to offer Canadians premium X Shore boats that will allow them to cruise the many lakes of (our) country onboard eco-friendly cruisers that are pollution-free and noiseless.”
— Patrick Hardy, Founder of BCI Canada

Let’s talk about the Eelex 8000 for a minute.

This electric boat is innovation personified. We’re speaking, of course, both visually and technically, having seen preliminary images/the real deal out in open water.

The Eelex 8000 cruiser is hailed as a ‘Smart’ boat, meaning it comes outfitted with the latest tech — tech you won’t find floating in other boats often.

In fact, owners of X Shore’s standout vessel are given a smartwatch, complete with a dedicated mobile app. The app allows you to run diagnostics in real-time, alongside some other handy features.

According to X Shore, the Eelex 8000 can travel 100 nautical miles, reaching a top speed of 35 knots. Like any electric vehicle, the Eelex 8000 is near noiseless and is also great for the environment.

Distribution in countries like Canada was inevitable, given the onset demand for water-based craft. Transport Canada issued a record number of Pleasure Craft Operator Cards (PCOC) in 2020, an increase of approximately 75% compared to 2019. This marks the highest number of new boater licences in Canada over the past six years.

“Considering Canada accounts for 20% of our planet’s natural water reservoirs, we see a huge opportunity for growth in the Canadian market,” says Jenny Keisu, CEO of X Shore.

X Shore is definitely a company that falls into that “one to watch” category. Where would you like to see them navigate to next? We’d love to see them distribute boats in the UK, which is bound to happen soon.

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