Grab A McDonalds While You Charge Your Tesla? Sure, Why Not

A Tesla Supercharger station close to a McDonalds DriveThru has the internet abuzz. Could this be the start of something big (mac)?

McDonald’s and Tesla, now there’s a combo we can get behind.

For those with no clue what we’re talking about, a Tesla Supercharger station is now getting direct service from a nearby McDonalds.

Just when you thought Tesla-owners had it all, McDonald’s go and add food to the mix.

The popular fast-food chain has actually turned this into a marketing ploy. From the images we’ve seen, McDonald’s erected a banner that read: “Recharge with McDonald’s while you recharge your Tesla. Food delivered directly to your charge bay.”

Where is this happening?

Why America, of course — where else would something like this happen and it not make the news? That being said, we can easily see something like this become commonplace around the world.

First McDonalds, where next?

Burger King, Starbucks, KFC; the possibilities are endless.

After all, electric cars will surpass combustion types, which means there will need to be more public charging stations out in the wild.

Home charging has its benefits, but for some, it’s just not possible given the price/current home set-up.

What next? A Supercharger drive-in theatre? Or, what about an old school roller diner complete with 80s music playing off in the distance?

Elon has teased us with something similar before (minus the 80s music). Back in 2018, Mr Musk said that Tesla plans to open an “old-school drive-in, roller skates & rock restaurant at one of the new Tesla Supercharger locations in Los Angeles.”

Tesla actually applied for building permits shortly after, at a location in Santa Monica.

Fans of the electric automaker thought plans were dead until a trademark was filed earlier this month, tying the brand once again to the restaurant industry.

In other Tesla news, Panasonic recently sold all its stock in the company for a large sum.

Would you charge your EV close to a Maccas for the chance at some grub? Tell us what you think on social media.

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