GOTRAX Has Made A Pretty Nifty Three-Wheel E-Scooter

Two-wheelers, sure. But we can’t say we’ve ever seen a three-wheel electric scooter in the world of personal electric vehicles before. Trikes sure, just not scooters…

Three Wheel Electric Scooter
Don’t adjust your eyes, this scooter does have three wheels GOTRAX

First Of It’s Kind

GOTRAX, a leading name in cost-effective electric scooters (depending on which one you choose, that is), has just launched the first three-wheeled electric scooter in the GOTRAX G PRO.

It’s the first three-wheeled electric scooter that we know of from the brand, and a find addition to the personal electric vehicle space. Price-wise it isn’t nearly as expensive as you might think, but we’ll get to that shortly.

You could call it a trike scooter for the time being, as there isn’t really an official name for a ride like this just yet. Regardless, the GOTRAX G Pro is built different (literally, in this case).

“The G PRO is taking electric scootering to an all-new level with its 3-wheel design. Expect improved stability and mobility while riding on the latest and greatest electric scooter technology,” says GOTRAX.

Tech Spec Of The Three-Wheeler

There are some clear cut advantages of having that extra wheel, mostly in the stability department.

Having that third wheel only adds to the accessibility of the scooter for first-time riders. It also helps with sharp turns. Rear suspension doesn’t make it as stiff or as rigid as you might expect.

Unlike other electric scooters, the front wheel of this one is slightly larger (10″) than those at the rear (8.5″). It’s worth noting that this front wheel has no suspension, whereas the two rear wheels have independent spring suspension.

This is partly the reason the board is slightly larger towards the back of the scooter, thinning out towards the front.

All wheels have disc brakes attached for maximum control.

In terms of power, the GOTRAX G Pro uses a 300W motor located in the front wheel. Max speed of this three-wheeled street demon is 15.5mph (or 25 km/h).

We’d recommend checking out our guide on the fastest electric scooters out right now to learn more about speed and how it’s often capped by law.

Range, on the other hand, is set around the 24 miles (38 km) mark.

Buttons on the handlebars allow you to switch between power levels, turn on the LED lights, and enter the passcode needed to unlock the scooter.

How many e-scooters do you know have passcodes?

Only the best, apparently.

Price And All That Jazz

So, how much is the GOTRAX G Pro?

Expect to pay $899 (roughly £650) for this three-wheeler. This isn’t that expensive, in our opinion, when you compare it to some of the other offerings from GOTRAX.

For reference, the GMAX Ultra Electric Scooter — arguably the best two-wheeler the brand has, costs $799. You only need to pay a hundred more to own this new G Pro.

Besides, if you care about quality, does it really matter?

You’d be the talk of any town riding this.

Buyers have three colours to choose from (black, blue and green). We’re leaning more towards the green as it gives the scooter more of a camo-type feel.

If you’re interested in all things electric, why not check out popular scooter brand Xiaomi’s new CyberDog.

Yep, electric pets are now a thing…

We can’t help but shake the feeling that this will spawn other three-wheel scooters. But what do you think of this electric scooter from GOTRAX? Is it something you’re likely to order? Leave us a comment below.

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