Gordon Murray To Develop EV Tech With Exciting New Plan

A bold £300 million expansion plan outlined by The Gordon Murray Group (GMG) will look to develop EV tech.

  • The £300 million expansion is a five year plan.
  • GMG will develop a “lightweight, ultra-efficient” fit for small EVs.
  • Development of the T.50 hypercar will assist GMG in their electric efforts.
  • The one and only Gordon Murray is diversifying his portfolio; electrifying it even.

    An outlined £300 million investment over the next five years will see Gordon Murray Design develop EV platforms — “revolutionary, lightweight, ultra-efficient” platforms to be precise.

    Moreover, the company plans to set up a brand new research and development facility. Here they’ll look to streamline the manufacturing process and make each frame as light as possible to bring their plans to fruition.

    Gordon Murray Electric is also getting a boost, pairing with Gordon Murray Design GMD) and Gordon Murray Automotive (GMA). They’ll work in tandem to support GMD by developing electric powertrains.

    “The automotive future will be increasingly electrified and it’s essential that we design the world’s lightest, most efficient and advanced EVs. This significant investment in Gordon Murray Design and the formation of Gordon Murray Electronics will be realising that goal.”
    — Gordon Murray

    Murray has a reputation for fast cars, but these designs are more in line with urban/commercial vehicles. In other words, SUVs and compact delivery vans. And that’s just the beginning.

    Work on the T.50 hypercar will benefit GMG’s electric plans

    Every part of the Gordon Murray empire is benefitting from these plans. GMA, in particular, the team behind the T.50 hypercar, certainly will.

    It might not be an electric car, but the T.50 remains interesting — it carries the Murray name, after all. Besides, work on the T.50 could play a significant factor in their EV gains, according to the man himself: “Much of our learning about advanced lightweight materials and construction from the T.50 will play a key role in the electric vehicles that we develop.”

    Are you as excited as we are about this?

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