GM’s Super Cruise Driving System Coming To Six Vehicles Next Year

General Motors’ Super Cruise driving system is seen as the main rival to Tesla’s Autopilot in the race to hands-free driving.

  • Super Cruise enabled vehicles include: Cadillac Escalade, Cadillac CT4, Cadillac CT5, Chevrolet Silverado2, GMC Hummer EV Pickup and GMC Sierra2.
  • The 2022 variant of Super Cruise includes fully automatic land changes, support for towing, and upgrades to navigation.
  • 2021 Escalade vehicles with Super Cruise will receive the update over-the-air.

General Motors initially launched its hands-free driving assist system back in 2017 with the Cadillac CT6. The number of vehicles offering this feature was limited until now.

You see, General Motors is to install its Super Cruise driving system in the following vehicles next year:

  • Cadillac Escalade
  • Cadillac CT4
  • Cadillac CT5
  • Chevrolet Silverado2
  • GMC Hummer EV Pickup
  • GMC Sierra2

The 2022 version of Super Cruise is the best variant we’ve seen to date, offering a variety of unique features — features that are sure to put GM in pole position when talking hands-free tech.

So, what’s different this time around?

For starters, Super Cruise allows for fully automatic lane changes. This means the car can pass between others (when safe) out on the road and make lane changes independently.

Support for towing is another one of these new capabilities. Unfortunately, this does not coincide with automatic lane switching, so you’ll need to choose between the two.

And finally, the updated Super Cruise comes with a revamped navigation system.

All of these features will be amplified with the upcoming Sierra, a full-size pick-up that has everyone excited.

Furthermore, those who own the 2021 Escalade will receive all these new features via an over-the-air update.

Understand that you’ll still be expected to pay attention when behind the wheel.

Reports from The Verge, who has actually tested the Sierra, state that the car “uses an infrared vision system to ensure that the driver’s eyes remain on the road.”

If your eyes drift away from the road for too long, expect warnings before the vehicle completely disengages. As long as you keep your eyes on the road, the vehicle will take you as far as possible.

According to reports, the Sierra can haul 10,000 pounds total, no problem. This is said to be no problem for the computer if you go with the towing support version over the lane-switching option.

Again, it will be interesting to see where this Super Cruise system lands. After all, the competition is stacked with Tesla currently ruling the roost with its Autopilot system.

A system that is now subject to a subscription fee if you want all the best perks.

The GMC Sierra is shaping up to be quite the beast. What do you think of GM’s Super Cruise driving system? We want your take.

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