Giga Berlin: Tesla To Begin Producing Electric Vehicles In October

Production at Tesla’s German factory could begin sooner rather than later, says CEO Elon Musk at a recent visit to the site.

Giga Berlin Render
Render of Giga Berlin © Credit to Tesla

According to Elon Musk, CEO of the EV juggernaut, production is about to pick up at Tesla’s Giga Berlin. Musk says production is looming after telling local press that it has a loose October start date, if not shortly after.

The site was to be integral to the production of its Model Y, a mid-size electric SUV, before delays in its construction forced Tesla to give its China factory the job. In fact, Tesla recently titled Giga Shanghai its “main export hub.”

Tesla’s Giga Berlin plans stalled due to what can only be described as bureaucratic hurdles. The site was initially announced back in November of 2019 and is yet to open shop.

Tesla wanted June 1st to be its celebration day, but due to environmental resistance, and planning tweaks, the automaker had to put the opening of its first European site on ice.

The goal is to begin producing around 150,000 EVs before ramping that up to 500,000 annually in time. Moreover, the site would craft batteries and powertrains for vehicles, as is the case with most gigafactories.

Elon Musk coined the name, but there are multiple gigafactories in development in Europe. In the UK, Nissan just announced its own factory in Sunderland, and aspiring startup, Britishvolt had its plans approved to build a battery factory nearby in Blyth.

Elsewhere in Europe, Volvo is teaming with Northvolt to build a gigafactory in Sweden. Mercedes-Benz also wants to build its own factory somewhere in the west as part of its 2030 strategy.

Check out the above video to see Giga Berlin’s construction progress. What do you think of Tesla’s planned production date? Is this likely to happen, or will the automaker need to push this date back once again? Leave a comment below. Share your thoughts with us.

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