Futurism In Real Time: Feast Your Eyes On This Tesla Motorcycle Concept

While not official, who could take away from how cool this electric two-wheeler looks? It’s very similar to the automakers Cybertruck, only smaller.

Tesla Motorcycle
We’re getting a Batman Beyond vibe from this one © Credit to Ash Thorp

Tesla, the American automaker that could, has yet to enter the two-wheeler market, which baffles us, considering the potential of an all-electric motorcycle from Elon and Co.

Thankfully, a concept collaboration between known automotive designer Ash Thorp and Carlos “colursponge,” has given us a rough idea of what it might look like.

Ash calls it “THE SOKUDO,” and it’s part of a longstanding collection created by the duo. This Tesla bike is the 14th project the two have worked on.

Visually, it sports those cube-like edges — edges that would make the Cybertruck wince in envy.

According to its maker (Thorp), the “suspension isn’t locked, the position that you see it at is at rest or “parked” when the rider is using the bike the suspension would raise and adjust to the riders weight and position on the bike.”

What you see in the images is The Sokudo parked.

In other words, it’s a motorbike sent from the future and a spoiler for the modern-day. Future concepts will use The Sokudo as a reference point, guaranteed.

Sokudo Electric Bike Wheel The Sokudo features carbon fibre wheels © Credit to Ash Thorp

Looking at it, you can just tell that colorsponge took elements from their own custom Ducati bike, given it shares a similar build.

“Personally this build was one of the more challenging of the collection, I wanted it to be something extremely pure and unique and something that hasn’t been seen before… which as we all know is a very challenging task in a highly saturated market.”
— Ash Thorp, designer of The Sokudo via Instagram

Both the suspension and the rear control arm move independently, allowing for a smooth yet controlled ride.

Furthermore, it rides on chunky carbon fibre wheels, complete with disc covers in line with the Tesla theme.

We can only imagine what it would look like in a real-world setting. That being said, if the Cybertruck is a proven success, you’d have to imagine motorcycles like The Sokudo are only a matter of time. Give us your thoughts on this electric motorbike below.

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