Fuso Introduces Commercial Truck App To Lure Potential Buyers

Fuso is bringing its ‘eTruck Ready’ app from parent company Daimler Trucks to select markets across Europe.

Electric truck-maker Fuso is bringing an application to market that allows potential customers to check whether their application profiles/routes are suitable before buying the all-electric Fuso eCanter.

It’s clear that more and more logistics/transport companies are looking at implementing electric trucks in the field. However, the Daimler Trucks subsidiary understands that transparency is lacking when buying your first electric truck.

This is where the app comes into play, serving as an educational tool — a guide into the real-world logistics of owning a light EV like the eCanter.

So, what does the app do specifically?

According to Fuso, the app records driving routes of a conventional vehicle, recording speed, acceleration, and altitude along the way.

Users can include important factors, such as load condition and temperature, via a separate website.

The result is a mapped out outline of how the eCanter would perform, creating a realistic profile through the data you’ve provided.

An app like this could be spur potential customers to buy the Fuso eCanter electric truck, knowing for sure how it applies to them and whether it could perform for their businesses.

The eTruck Ready app has helped potential customers before via simulations of the Mercedes-Benz eActros.

EV apps, in general, are becoming a lot more diverse across the board. Equiwatt, for example, is an EV app that rewards you for saving peak time energy and cutting carbon emissions.

Fuso is making the app completely free and will launch it across Europe in the following countries:

Germany, France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Spain, Switzerland, Italy and Austria.

Daimler sees the eCanter as a key component in its sustainable strategy, what with more EVs entering the commercial space and all.

This could help drive the sales of the Fuso eCanter, given how helpful it could be. Is this an app you’d be willing to download if you thought it could help buy an electric truck? Let us know.

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