Ford To Provide Electric Parts For New USPS Delivery Vehicles

The American automaker is helping pave the way for the future of USPS delivery vehicles, both electric or otherwise.

  • USPS plans to buy both EVs and standard gas-powered vehicles.
  • Oshkosh Defense will work alongside Ford after winning a contract to build future USPS vehicles earlier this year.
  • Ford will supply engines, transmissions and other parts for the next generation of USPS vehicles.

Ford, the carmaker behind some of the finest rides known to man, will provide USPS with everything they need to get future delivery vehicles moving.

Oshkosh Defense won a big contract earlier this year, with plans to add 165,000 new postal vehicles to the USPS fleet. According to Reuters, Ford will help supply engines and other parts to help the organisation via Oshkosh Defense.

The contract won by Oshkosh Defense earlier this year was said to be around the $6 billion mark.

Apparently, the USPS plan is to purchase EVs and standard gas-powered vehicles — replenishing an ageing fleet.

An early prototype was based on the existing Ford Transit van used in the States. However, the final vehicle that won the bid has been built from the ground up — purpose-built and ready for work.

This will be music to the ears of drivers. Basic features like air conditioning, heating, and airbags were all missing from earlier fleet vehicles.

Ford will be pulling double-duty in terms of what parts they’ll be supplying:

“Ford is providing components across both ICE (internal combustion engine) and BEV (battery-electric vehicle) models including powertrain, drive train, suspension and cabin interior components,” says Alexandra Hittle of Oshkosh Defense.

Across the pond, Royal Mail, a member of the Electric Fleets Coalition, announced plans to add an additional 3,000 low-emission vehicles to its fleet.

Which company would you like to see work with Ford next? Give us your thoughts.

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