Five Riding Techniques for Short Riders

If you’re not six feet plus with legs, there is a chance of facing many troubles while riding a bike. Riding a motorbike safely requires keeping both feet on the ground to stabilise or stop the bike in a certain place.

For this reason, shorter people feel uncomfortable riding bikes as they don’t touch the ground easily. In addition, some bike types are designed with high seats, such as sports bikes.

These bikes require long riders for perfect lean angles and clearance. Fortunately, there are some techniques to make it easier to ride such types of bikes, even if you’re a short rider.

Some are pretty simple for you, while others may be totally new.

Here we have demonstrated some such easy riding techniques for short riders.

Why Are Riding Bikes Challenging For Short Riders?

Typically, motorbikes are designed keeping in mind the average riders’ height. For that, short riders encounter different troubles while riding a bike.

This is because riding bikes needs to reach the handlebars using foot controls. Both the width and shape of a bike’s seat affect this thing. Besides, weight plays a crucial role in riding a bike efficiently.

If the bike is heavier, it will be more challenging to handle. Once you’re able to balance yourself with the weight of your bike, riding will be easy for you.

A bike that is ideal for one rider might not be an excellent choice for someone else of a different height.

In that case, choosing the right dirt bike for short riders will help them ride without compromising their height. This is because some dirt bikes models are specially designed for short riders.

Man sitting on his motorbike With these techniques, you’ll ride away in style

Riding Techniques for Short Riders

Riding a bike designed for an average height rider could be challenging for short riders. But following some simple techniques, such challenging tasks can be made easy.

That’s why we have explored some riding techniques that will be helpful for short riders.

Install Panniers

The first technique is to add panniers to your motorcycle. It might sound crazy because they add additional weight to your bike.

But panniers actually enable you to touch the surface more easily. The weight of the panniers will put a strain on your bike suspension. For that, the weight will lower your bike just a little.

Although it won’t make a huge difference, touching the ground with a feet’ ball may be enough for those who use their toes.

Lower Your Bike’s Suspension

You can lower the bike up to one inch by lowering the suspension. This can be done by yourself or ask the dealer.

But it also has some disadvantages that will affect your motorcycle’s riding. For example, your bike may feel a bit stiff, and you may experience bumps and holes in the road during riding.

This will make the bike springs and shock absorbers tighter, creating them less shock exploiting.

Height Increasing Motorcycle Boots

Wearing height-increasing motorcycle boots will be ideal to ride bikes if you are a short rider. Short riders can add about one inch to your body length with high sole boots.

As a result, short riders can easily touch their feet to the ground while riding bikes. You will find two types of height-increasing shoes.

The first one has a thick sole throughout the boot, which adds additional height. The second type has a height-increasing toe and heel but makes a gap beneath the ball of your foot.

Plan Before You Put Your Feet Down

If your feet can’t touch the surface while sitting on the bike, it could be challenging for you to stop a bike perfectly.

In that case, you can lean slightly to the left when you want to stop the bike.

As you place the left foot down first, you can still use the rear brake pedal to make a perfect stop. Besides, if you can touch the ground with the tiptoe, you can use the front brake while lowering the right foot.

Always keep the handlebars square when you want to stop. Otherwise, the motorcycle may fall in the direction it is turned.

Install A Lower Seat

Installing a lower seat will be an excellent way to ride a motorcycle efficiently when you are a short person. You will find some bikes that enable you to replace a lower seat.

You just have to replace the original seat with a lower one. In that case, you have to choose a seat that will help you touch the ground and provide maximum comfort.

Although height-increasing boots and lower suspension will make a little difference, a lower seat will make a significant difference. Remember lowering the seat will be needed to adjust the mirror according to your length.

You can also install some bar-end mirrors on your bike.

A dirt bike rider on a dirt track The techniques shown apply to all types of bikes

What Should Short Riders Consider When Buying A Bike?

Short-height riders encounter difficulty in picking the right frame bike. To get rid of this problem, we have explored some significant factors that you need to consider while buying a bike.

Seat Height

Seat height is one of the most crucial considerations, especially when you are a short rider. Short riders require a lower seat height so that they can easily touch the ground to stop or control the bike.

For that, short riders need to choose a bike that matches their height perfectly. You will find some bikes that are specially designed for short riders.


Riding will lead to a bad experience if you don’t get the maximum comfort during a ride. Although a lower seat will help you touch the ground, ensure you don’t have to swing your legs with difficulty.

Besides, make sure your setting position and posture on the bike offer supreme comfort. So you should choose a bike that will make you happy on every ride.


Safety should be compromised in every rider, whether the rider is tall or short. This ensures not only the rider’s safety but also other road users.

Sport bikes are crazy on the road, so you should ensure your chosen bike can guarantee your safety. Besides, wearing the right safety gear will help to keep you secure even if you encounter an accident.

You can wear the right helmet, boots, gloves, and jacket as safety gear.

Rider’s Height

Height matters a lot when choosing a bike, especially if you are a short rider. If you are a person with 5’5″, 37.5 inches seat height will not be a safe option.

In that case, you can go for a motorcycle with a seat height from 29 to 32 inches if your height is between 60 and 62 inches. On the other hand, 31 to 32 inches seat height is suitable for riders between 62 and 65 inches.

Five Riding Techniques for Short Riders

Short height doesn’t mean that you can’t ride a motorcycle. Following the proper techniques, riding will be easy even though you are short in height.

Typically, short riders have trouble touching the ground which prevents them from stopping or controlling the bike completely.

As seat height plays a crucial role in touching the ground, you should assemble a lower seat.

Besides, following the other techniques explained above, you can make your riding comfortable. It is good to have a bike that is specially designed for short riders.

In that case, you can consider the factors discussed above before purchasing a new motorcycle.

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